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  • newscentral2002 newscentral2002 Dec 8, 2009 12:21 PM Flag

    Low for day, now can we go up

    To much to say. My value list today consists of 21 indicators or news, stuff that I am watching today. The EURO-USD which includes most over night and early morning short term paper and banking transfers is now stable. Futures are now stable. Hedge funds sold a bit of SLW, a little more than average on a down day. That appears to be over. One sector fund has been buying equal match entries in several mining stocks. Let end it here and see what happens, but unless more bad financial news messes with the Dow, we should be stable.

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    • Wow, thanks, I don't care if I miss the froth at the top, I got my IRA back in cash, and I don't know what to do, but glad I do still have friends here. I have been into SLW and silver for years, but something is rotten in Denmark. Copenhagen, anyone?

    • Well wishes are just that, and great things all by themselves, are accepted with humility and concommensurrate GLTY feelings.

    • Chem...Ok, I understand and relate. I took some SLW and Hl off the table and was hoping to take more at the beginning of the new year if the rally had continued. The gains from OCt/Nov of last year are just off the charts; my portfolio went from 20% PMS to over 60% so it was time to whittle. I have plenty of dry powder to replace that which I sold so either way I am ok; it just means I have to wait longer. I call it swapping my long position to a trading position while reestablishing a new long position....if that makes sense.

    • SLW sliding lower...

    • lol, how ironic. I'm not bashing - Lord knows I appreciate all you & Chemaes bring to this board - but after discussing how you two fine tune your market analysis and how similar your approaches are, we get two different opinions within an hour of each other.
      f.w.i.w. My money is still on the sidelines. I think P.M.'s are headed lower after "revised" economic numbers come out.
      Remember that so-called good news surrounding last qtr's GDP report? Not a whole lot of press about the "revised" number a month later, but it basically meant that we did not see any growth as initially reported.
      The other shoe will drop when we get revised unemployment figures for Nov. and/or Dec. shows initial unemployment claims back on the rise.
      Then we get the real holiday retail numbers coming in. After hearing encouraging numbers from Black Friday the news hasn't been so great. I just heard we are actually lower than last year's pitiful low numbers for the same shopping week.
      I'm betting that the broader market is headed toward very thin ice and will fall through soon. SLW will likely be brought down with it again.

      • 3 Replies to tom8yours

        This shouldn't be a surprise to anybody who pays attention to this board.

      • I had that same feeling and sold out of my stocks on Friday. NO more SLW. No more GG. Still have my physical. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy this very intelligent and thoughtful board. I love reading all your very experienced and technical stuff and also the silly stuff. I am still around, but for now, I have the same feeling as I had a year ago OCT. SOmething is wrong with this picture, and I think we get another leg down in stocks. No fancy reason, just a gut feeling that I have that things are not that great.

        Maybe if we could get rid of Obabama, something good could happen with the dollar, but it is all smoke and mirrors with thaqt guy...............

      • Hi Tom, I have not had time to read other posts, until after returning and reading your post first. Do we disagree? I mentioned that I thought that SLW was stable in the low 15 dollar range for TODAY. Maybe I am wrong, maybe for the first time ever posting direction on this board. I don't think that I ever had been wrong before. I am human, give me a break if today we go to 14.75 or whatever. The same goes to YDM. I said nothing about tomorrow. I have not been a big investor since the beginning of the year. I have a lifetime of education in this area and I am the type of person that likes giving and helping other people. I am not any smarter than most that post here. I often tell posters that what they say is excellent. So Chems is my friend also and I respect him. I just posted a couple of days ago that he is "one very smart person".

    • Greece, Dubai, and Great Britain are going down for the count. Nobody cares about Dubai dooby doo, but I like Dalmadakia, and Shepard's pie.

      The reason your patient has stable blood pressure, heart beat, and vital signs, is,

      ....he's dead.

      ....I've been dead.

      ....It's overrated.

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