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  • Probably ... My thinking here is simply that the commercial real estate "pop" will become a well publicized event this year.I live in suburban Chicago and it is quite obvious what is really going on (vacant space) Again though the channel 7 news only wants to talk about retail ... What is a better vehicle to "short" the commercial real estate market? ..

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    • Let me see if I can make some sense for you, the asset you've invested in is a decreasing asset similar in structure to an option. The price is set end of day and it deteriorates according to a mathematical model that is constantly losing money according to a mathematical degradation formula. All 2X 3X funds deteriorate this way, read the prospectus. You don't hold these longer than a couple days. You might as well be playing keno, they don't even belong in a portfolio marked ETF.

      I stipulate, look at these Prostock funds, no matter what side the market, EVERY one long short or inbetween you can short when issued and collect.

      Making sense out of what is being shorted in this kind of fund is ludicrous.

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      • Thanks YDM for commenting ...I appreciate it. You are probably correct ...and would definitely not be a fan of my trade since I actually bought Options in the ETF(april expiration) ..My point is that if say I would have bought Puts in that in say March of last year I would be sitting pretty today. I believe that this ETF will turn around hard back in that direction based on the fact that there is not much room left on the downside. It is a slot machine trade . I'll admit. that I dont plan on letting get to out of control ..Lets see what happens ..

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