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  • jpmarketer jpmarketer Jan 12, 2010 1:30 PM Flag

    You All Gave me Social Pressure

    So I liquidated my short position at 16.89 for a profit, never, ever, ever thought that would happen. I'm long now, you can bet that. And I don't have a dog, Aaronson, but if I still had the same wife, yes, I would kick her. Thank you.

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    • JP ..good trade!(However harrowing it may have been) .. I'm looking(hoping) at a possible little pop in the am maybe like today and i'll follow you out the door for a moment. The gravity at 17 max pain is what i'm concerned about. ---- I will prolly be back quick though.. since i'm overall bullish on silver and it has been GREAT to me so far. Thanks for sharing!

    • Bluvit -- confession -- in very big at 16.94 this morning (10.5K shares). Happened to look this afternoon and saw the plateau around 17.38. Got out 17.34-17.36, took a $4,400+ profit and never looked back. So my several week horizon got compressed to a few hours, opportunistically. But I'll tell you something. I was damm lucky and I'm not going to do it again. That selloff was vicious, and now the third or fourth one I've lived through. Kitco silver bid, dollar index, broad indices - even LII because this thing is so voluminous, volatile and fast moving - I've found over the weeks that all these give trading reference points that don't normally exist for other securities. But this thing is so volatile, and so subject to hidden factors where you don't have superior information, that it degrades (for me at least, now, with the info/education I have) to gambling. I'm lucky to have my skin here, grateful for the profits, but not stupid enough to believe I can replicate this. Been there, done that, made that mistake. Now I'll continue to trade in and out some, maybe hold some, look, listen and learn about this market, company its model. It's been a lot of fun so far.

    • This is the 'Big Chill' for sure I was looking for. I hope it doesn't turn into a Big Dip though the icy water! I doubt it frankly..

    • Not sure if you're writing to aaronson or me. I'm long, now at 16.94 and was aware of a strong probability of going under water, even for some time. My time horizon past couple of weeks was the squiggles. Did OK, but whoever said you really have to be careful, yes you do. Now, looking at the first quarter, roughly, my bet is we go higher if the fundamentals of silver take hold and there are no extraordinary market or world events. good luck to you.

    • is this the "chill a bit" you were looking for Aronson ? ... weak action this am imho . I guess it would look pricey to a technician.

    • a new lease on life. You long here? ..

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