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  • redwings103149 redwings103149 Jan 24, 2010 11:39 AM Flag

    Technical Analysis for Slw

    TA is my specialty and I have found it helps me separate my emotions away from the trade when it seems almost impossible to do so. The RSI (my favorite indicator) is now at 38 which from a 5year chart historically gives you a minor support (yes rsi has supports since the price is what determines it ultimately). Usually, a break of this level sends the RSI to a max low of 32 which gives us a downside of about 30-50cents. The upside is much greater so look at next week as a huge buying opportunity on the two biggest take down days on Wed. and Thurs. at between 1030-1115 which I have noticed for the last year has been the lowest point for gold and silver on treasury auction days. Regardless, when everyone becomes short the trade it tends to get crowded....keep your head on straight longs.

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    • Sold some June $15 puts today for $2.20.

      Expect they'll expire unexercised. If not, I've got SLW for $12.80.

    • You shouldn't be backing up any truck.

      My philosophy is to NEVER, EVER catch a falling knife. hope that doesn' sound too strong or like I'm preaching or anything. I haven't been to church in about 5 years, I don't think they'll allow me in.

      You buy the pullback on a breakout.

      At this point, SLW USA looks set to maybe, maybe tackle $16.50, then it will back off, probably not penetrating it, pulling back into the 15.75 to 15.00 area (this does not mean buy) before making another attempt up. On this second attempt, SLW USA will move to a resistance point that will likely have moved to $15.75 and then, and only then, if it breaches this price to say above $16, backup the truck up for a ride to 17.25.

      This is how SLW typically cycles, but if the dollar does something unusual, all that was wrote becomes worthless.

      Of two of the market makers I like to watch on this stock, one bought $1.2 million in shares, and the other bought $0.5 million, not-a-lot to get excited about but, noteworthy. Now, since I haven't been following SLW details tightly for a while, I don't know if it was a short cover, or a legit long position. Either suggests a turn. In my opinion it was a cover because when these guys go long, they do so with larger amounts of cash, than when they are covering shorts.

      Good trading

    • They're friggin dumping the oil to encourage prices to go higher. The middle east needs them higher....

    • No problem, some days I just feel like yapping away.

      Covered my oil shorts, and am slowly entering on the long side of my oil bull etf.

      Might be good for 3-5% at least over the next couple of days or move up into inventory numbers wed at 10:30

    • Thanks Chemaes. I feel a little less like having a heart attack now. Please come back my PMs!
      Actually wondering if I should be backing up the truck on SLW right now.

    • This is fact is how the market works on....technicals..I personally give-up to understands any of those moves..

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      • The market is trying to figure out which way it wants to go.

        When the market opened, it opened with a strong bullish bias. Now, the bias has backed off considerably but is still, by the smallest of margins a bit bullish.

        Standing at the proverbial cliffs edge is my opinion, trying to figure out whether to step forward into the abyss or back.

        I think the direction will be revealed in about 30 mins

    • OT.
      This reminded me of some stupid fun. The following to be read out loud;
      "I am sofa king we tarred it."

    • What? Tech mention of the huge volume last week..Doesn't that tell you something? Look at the last 5 big volume spikes and what happen shortly thereafter? Do you need a guide book?

      Volume spikes are often high at beginning of a move or at the end of one. How many shares trades last week? Double average I'd bet without adding 'em up, but I will if you like..

      Fundamentally this is rotation to stronger hands wouldn't you say..You think these buyers are going to bail at 14? No way..they are in this puppy for a 20+% ride. I, for one, am joining them. Let's all hold hands to 1คสฟืกใใ..

      Disclaimer: I ain't right all the time...:)

    • Not a teckie but sounds good. Thank you. I think fundamentals alone, are enough to justify a strong buy at these prices.

    • Thanks for the perspective, what's your second favorite tech indicator?

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