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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Feb 3, 2010 5:23 AM Flag

    How China Takes Over the World Without Firing a Shot

    You'd think billions of troops? Wrong.

    Just encourage your people to buy gold and silver. When you've as much gold and silver as US debt, held by government and people, just refuse to take dollars as the currency of choice.

    The value of 3T in debt goes to 1T.
    Yhe value of 3T in gold goes to 9T.

    3T minus 1T residual dollar values is a loss of 2T.
    3T now worth 9T in gold and silver is a gain of 6T.

    6T gain minus 2T loss is a net of 4T, and of course, you control the world.

    The govt of China will get anticipatorially greedy for power, and move too quickly, but you get the drift, and we get the shaft.

    A shaft we designed and administered to ourselves, with our borrow and pay policies, instead of tax and pay, because if we have to pay for anything with our own tax dollars, we stamp our feet and refuse to come out and play--er--I mean work.

    Enslaved nations with but one freedom of the marketplace, they don't have that problem.

    Been saying this for two years now.

    Invest accordingly

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    • So Sorry YDM as I have not

      been on this board 2 yrs

      but I'm trying!!!!!! Dj.

    • Old gold retold, or should I say silver.

    • This thread has new life, by speaking older truths.

      The "rush" to the yuan for acceptance for trade will release demand pressure on the dollar.

      The dollar is headed for 50 in a heartbeat.

      Bernookie is getting what he wished for, a middle class sunk to the level of Chinese poverty status, and an undertaxed heirarchy of 1% that own this country.

      Jefferson said it all, let the banks control the currency, they'll own everything and we'll have nothing.

      Stupid fuqs.

    • I enjoyed that post and just one of 26/5 stars, thanks. I wonder what happened to Bill in thailand. He stopped posting back in March. I hope he's okay
      Still watching that yen
      All the best

    • Bump.

    • Outstanding facts!

      Now if we can just get 60 minutes to cover these facts for 52 weeks, maybe the DA American's will hold their political globalist elites accountable.



    • That is obviously the objective. But its global capitalism. We should be doing the same.
      China will slowly stop buying US treasuries. They will instead start to buy land in Africa and South America that has mineral rights.
      Africa and S. America are being carved up like a fresh apple pie.

      As well they will obtain as many large corporations that are in the oil, gas, ag, and minerals space.

      Thats how you get control of the world.

      If our country doesn't start creating jobs, building things, and de-outsourcing, we are in trouble.

      Much of the growth in China and India is the result of the US making these countries our labor force rather than employ at home.
      Now we see the other edge to that sword with unemployment and massive defecits.

      We MUST cut US Corporate income taxes to all companies that have 10 or more employees.
      We should also band together closely with Canada, as they are friendly and resource rich.

    • ...and since they peg the RMB to so much the US dollar, however unofficially since 2007 or so... all they have to do to drag the world down is pop overnight rates a quarter point.

      I'd forgotten that relationship flowdown in my first post to the effect China can take over the world without firing a single shot.

      Of course, when the world figures out that the China SUCCESS story is being controlled and that isn't a bad thing, the rest of the world might sober up.

      For now, they ran to the sea like lemmings and dove off the cliff.

      At midnight, the dead cat bounce is in.

      By morning, who knows, the futures in US might stay positive.

    • Looks like China is on its way to acquiring enough gold to make this scenario worthwhile.

      And who is that mysterious buyer of US Treasuries constantly being reported by what's his name, boosting prices and lowering yield on the market, in counter measure.

      Probably helicopter Ben, who then shreds the purchases later, in a similar mode to the way Shilling VP or Enron kept debt purchase looking like an asset on ENRON's books while making it look like dummy corporations were the losers, 150 of em.

      Ponzi take a bow. Silver and gold took off like a rocket on three pieces of news today--one of which was Benny's continuation of low irates, the other Chinese "interest" in IMF gold, and one of the miners spectacular quarterly results reported, I believe NEM.

      If we'd had an up day, we'd probably have scored another fifty cents.

      The 2X rule and 1X rule seem to be so out of whack as to be indescribable, except that the market is exhibiting a kind of action you see at the frothiest of tops.

      Need some consolidation here and defined floors and resistence.

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