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  • chemaes44 chemaes44 Feb 26, 2010 11:36 AM Flag

    OT: Oil

    If oil looks like it will close over $80.33 on an hourly chart, I would be a buyer. Massive buyer.

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    • Chem, what is with the huge volume on slw we are at over 7million shares traded before 12...i know the news on the mine didn't do that. Also, the volume on the June 18's has been very interesting in past two weeks...

    • was waiting to hear a comment from someone i consider knowledgable, because today i'm driving myself mad deciding if i want to get in big or sell what i have on a pop. searching for news/views on crude, middle east, charts, greece etc. this market is making crazy, signals all mixed, weirdest i've seen it in forever, which has one side shouting at me to to walk away (when in doubt, hands out), but other whispering to put more $ to work in oil. would like to make some quick $'s and get out before sh*t hits fan? your comment might just help me decide, but maybe need to do yet more watching, waiting, searching. hmmm??

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      • The world is running out of oil(we had "peak oil last year when oil went to $140). Of course they said this in the 70's, but to me this suggests prices would continue to escalate over time, and leading to another bubble, but a supply bubble. When the next supply bubble bursts, it will not just be the price of oil that we will worry about. See "Collapse" with Michael Ruppert if you get a chance, it should open your eyes to the true story behind oil, if one does not already know. It does make it tough to gauge though because no country admits to the actual reserves, which I am sure can be estimated.

        We see us drilling for oil in the deepest parts of the oceans because there is less and less through land. It has become more expensive to get the oil than it is worth. We are in trouble.

        MUCH of this controlled Depression is going to be about oil, and of course paper currency, gold/silver and banks. SO MUCH TO SAY...

        I wish everyone the best


      • Oil is very tempting, I need it to get over $80.35 for me to get in, or forget it. Some traders are saying its movement yesterday afternoon, was a key reversal up for commodities. I don't need to catch every point.

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