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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Mar 28, 2010 4:40 PM Flag

    ►LOL Right-Wing Funnies

    If it were not for the debt based monetary system inflicted upon America in controversy with it's Constitution, none of what you've described would have come about.

    That said, let's explore the elements behind the creation of the international banking cartel and see if we can identify the demographic that actually fits some of that which you've forwarded.

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    • Reagan changed us from a nation of producers to a nation of consumers. How else can there be a consumer-based economy without production except through debt? Not one in a thousand white Americans has ever raised a blister from hard work let alone a callous.

      The international banking cartel is not a new creation. It has existed for hundreds of years. Their agenda is to destroy national governments so they can dominate a New World Order. Step one was to tear down borders and create a free-market to weaken America. The biggest enemies and obstacles for the international banking cartel were the labor unions and socialists. With the help of the right wing and false propaganda they have succeeded in demonizing these enemies.

      Anyone who is able to think knows that it was the American automobile companies policy of engineering obsolescence that lost them the American market. It was not the union worker but the low quality car purposely produced. Americans bought foreign cars for quality not because they were lower priced. But almost every right-winger will repeat the lie that unions were the cause.

      The right wing has so blurred the difference between socialist and communist that few Americans these days know the difference. It is true that communist and fascist governments tried hiding under the banner of socialism but everyone used to know the difference. Just as they know today that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is not a democracy.

      The international bankers cartel has infected the Americans with selfish greed to blind to what is really the best for them and their children. I am convinced that there is no redeeming the present generation. After a life of ease they could never do a days hard work even if they could finally shed their pounds of baby fat. I used to own two manufacturing companies. It was impossible to find an white American who could do a days work no matter how much he or she was paid. They wanted to sit on a chair and chat on the phone all day and sometimes use one hand to play at working.

    • Uhhh, excuse me, but the burden of debt isn't what made America "great". Bonds sold to finance WWII came out of folks pockets, it was "real" money in that sense, even tho it was a proxy for gold and silver, promised in exchange, long after we went off the gold standard. For the next 20 years, that myth prevailed, even unto Volcker, who successfully arrested the decline of the dollar into Zimbabwe quality under the Carter malaise until 15% interest rates put a halt to the slide towards inflationary doom.

      Starting around Reagan, we began to print money to bury the Russkies in military brinksmanship until they went bankrupt. Durign Nixon'd reign of terror, we began to make mythical dollars out of Fed and Treasury shennanigans just to fabricate money to pay for Vietnam and Iraq, and Afcamelstain, with a brief respite in the unrelentingly pussy years, the Carter administration.

      So the only "debt" that made America great was the individual responsibility of entrepreneurs using borrowed cash to make factories that make widgets.

      We're now so "clever" in our pursuit of money, we no longer make anything but paper, using more and more debt.

      That isn't how America is made great, stays great, or even stays even. That's how America goes out with a whimper, dead bang.

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