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  • jpmarketer jpmarketer May 7, 2010 7:08 AM Flag

    Decoupleteers have it right

    I'll have some of what Tulsa is having...

    Short term victory over terrorism in Times Square, and the insight it's producing into the enemy's process. There is a groundswell of national satisfaction with this development, across political boundaries.

    BP is readying the container over the spewing well. If it works, it will be a storybook/superhero avoidance of global catastrophe, like the movie Armeggedon, but in real life. There is hope building

    Greece streets, if somewhat calmer today like they were yesterday, if the trend continues, it's positive.

    Word from the German Parliament is due any time now. This will be the primary catalyst one way or the other. God help us if there is a rejection.

    Jobs report, if milktoast, nothing. Becomes more of a factor the further up or down it is versus expectations

    European debt markets, the canaries in the mine, are the wildcard. Risk premiums tell the whole story.

    European credit markets. If they continue to clog today, this will become a self-fulfilling prophecy, and is the biggest global fear right now, imo. But the trend looks right. The Euro is surging, dollar index is dropping, things are calming, it seems.

    All of this happens against a backdrop of continued strengthening of the global economy, with even Spain showing growth for the first time in 8 periods, it was announced yesterday.

    Taken together, bias on silver and SLW seems very positive.

    Although tying that to a number of pennies via an often debunked relationship rule seems, well, non-productive.

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    • In reality, anything more than a short term victory over terrorism will always prove elusive.

      Why? Because terrorism is a tactic and not something against which one can actually wage war.

      Instead, one must look at the root causes and see what might be done to ameliorate them, short and longer term.

      The way America has gone about building political and economic hegemony around the world has caused us to collect a great deal focused anger. Not so much directly aimed at the American people per se, but the government as the tool of implementation.

      I wish we would heed the advice of the Founders and trade with everyone and enter into no entangling foreign alliances. We'd be a great deal more wealthy and America would not have suffered the erosion of God given rights as we've experienced.

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      • <<I wish we would heed the advice of the Founders and trade with everyone>>

        Forcing our capitalistic "Free Market" on the world is the reason everybody is against the US. The Founders of this country espoused protective tariffs. Let’s start manufacturing what we use here in the US and stop exploiting the rest of the world.

      • I can't believe how fooled sheeple are. Terrorism? You must be joking.

      • The rights we earned are all the more dear than those who believe ooga booga in the sky granted them. They were built on reason logic and four hundred years of free for all market capitalism that went before. We keep repeating the same mistakes in a different suit, with greater speed. Logic and reason augered otherwise, and we have abandoned that experience.

        If there was to be a euro, it required the strong to be bailed out by the weak, not abandoned, and as long as that element remains ununited, it remains a risk when one of the weak sisters goes south.

        So there's an example of what happens when you don't have centralized Fed over the whole, just a bunch of gangrenous arguing babies taking the world down with them.

        We have gradual limited war because we view everything as a business, and think we're due a pass at sky bound fantasy lands just because we carry an Ameican passport. Why solve anything overseas when endless war is good for business, and weapons systems the only export we have left to sell?

        For now the tit on the boarhog has everyone's attention,Greece, and now the platform by which stocks are bought and sold is suspect to computerized manipulation or, reaction so demonstrative, it is turned into a roulette wheel for you old folks, a video game for you young'uns, instead of an investment.


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