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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Aug 6, 2010 11:03 AM Flag

    After earnings. Where? 22+ or 17+

    I'd like to learn more about this. Would you recommend any books on the subject or do you do online tutoring?

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    • There are literally millions of option selling strategies, and option writing services, one of which is a spin off of Scottrade.

      I always sell covered calls on stocks that are less than ten dollars, because the really leveraged positions like writing calls against other calls, is only less risky and more profitable for high cost stocks where option buying is a cost saving strategy. Instead of buying a $25 stock and selling a one month call for a dollar, why not buy a LEAP at $15 for $10.50 and sell the twenty five 12 times in a row. You can margin the Leap and double your money in a year.

      The bottom line is, you have to manage your stock acquisition as if it were a long trade, and sell a call as if it were a bear strategy.

      Then you can make money both ways.

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      • Like YDM said, earnings are not a factor like the POS is. I will say that earnings can help for a day, even when silver is down. It just depends on how far down it is, and of course how the earnings are. So, 22+ or 17+ would just be guessing.

        So, I will guess...Since my last purchase was just below 18, I am betting that we will be around the current range or closer to $21 when earnings come out.

      • Nonetheless, I've been a buy and hold investor for most of my life and would need some guidance and explanation on utilizing the tactics that you've outlined. Are you aware of any resource materials that a fledgling might find beneficial?

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