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  • cozzi3838 cozzi3838 Sep 18, 2010 9:57 AM Flag

    todays lesson...The dollar is still good

    but housing prices and many public sector wages have gotten above where they should be and must be properly adjusted downward...Housing prices are being held up because of bank bailouts..they should have been left alone so they would drift down where they ought to be..about 30% lower then they are now. Wages and benefits of public sector jobs such as school teachers should be cut 50%. The dollar will buy a lot if proper adjustments are made to the public sector..this includes everybody paid by the taxpayer..remember the private sector has already been adjusted. CC's should be forbidden to charge more than 10% interest. The dollar will be in great shape if the proper adjustments are made in the public sector area.

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    • It is that sort of thinking that will allow the continuance of the slavery imposed on the people by the fiat money system designed to relieve them of value at every turn.

      Let it crash so that we can get on with the restoration of the value based system it displaced.

    • Prices of everything (stocks, houses, everything) are crashing vs. gold worse than during the Great Depression. Gold holders are reaping huge benefits but almost all still refuse to exchange gold for assets. This means gold is still massively undervalued. Dollar holders are in denial, the somewhat stable $ price tag is a grand illusion and a confidence relic that keeps them from panicking until the rug is pulled when bernanke stops farting around and allows gold to make a massive move upward to determine its market clearing price.

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      • Prices of everything (stocks, houses, everything) are crashing vs. gold worse than during the Great Depression<<

        The dollar did not crash during the great fact some people did great during the great depression..Texas oil men for could buy an acre of land for a dollar but few had a dollar.

      • Hey cde, you are a nut job..the dollar still buys a are a liar, house prices are not crashing, they are just being adjusted downward to where they should be..they were out of control just like our public sector jobs and military spending are out of control. Taxes on inflated house prices must also be brought down, teachers salaries must be reduced by 50% house prices must be reduced by 30%..the teachers union must be smashed just the way they smashed the Steel workers union..public sector pension and excessive benefits must be reduced and then everything will be AOK.

    •'ve been cozzi to long. Living in yesterdays world. At 74, you are not up to speed in this day and age. Buy some pm's and sit back and don't fight the tape

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