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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Oct 17, 2010 5:15 PM Flag

    Is Silver Overbought? Is Your Bank Account Too Large?

    Not quite.

    How does the Norwegian government get its revenue? If they take it from the people under the assumption that they have a legitimate claim to it then it is a form of slavery that the Norwegian people have apparently chosen to submit to. It remains slavery nonetheless.

    Here's some info on Taxation in Norway:

    Taxation. The primary purpose of the Norwegian tax system has been to raise revenue for public expenditures; but it is also viewed as a means to achieve social objectives, such as redistribution of income, reduction in alcohol and tobacco consumption, and as a disincentive against certain behaviors. Three elements of the tax system seem to attract the most debate:

    * Progressive taxation. At one time one of the most aggressive in the world, the top marginal tax rate on income has been decreased over time. In addition, Norwegians are taxed for their stated net worth, which some have argued discourages savings.

    * Value-added tax. The largest source of government revenue. The current standard rate is 25%, food and drink is 14%, and movie theater tickets and public transportation 7%.

    * Special surcharges and taxes. The government has established a number of taxes related to specific purchases, including cars, alcohol, tobacco, and various kinds of benefits.

    Yeah, they really are doing well there, aren't they? Of course they don't have as a foundational document anything quite like the Declaration of Independence or another important document called the "Declaration of the Causes of Taking Up Arms".

    These embodied the thought that the protection of Life, Liberty and Property were the only legitimate functions of government. Social engineering and wealth redistribution were simply not included.

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