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  • royjm1940 Oct 18, 2010 10:25 PM Flag

    Americans Buying Guns In Preparation For Civil Unrest

    tburk, you made a good point when you said most people do not object to Government give-away programs when they are the recipient.

    I do think the Hover chairs are one thing no one really wants. I believe one has to be certified as unable to walk in order to qualify for one of the "free" chairs.

    I would also point out that these "free" chairs are paid for with Medicare and Medicare Supplemental Insurance. Healthily people pay more for for this insurance than they collect in many years. My medical insurance cost has exceeded what I have collected in every year of my life, however, I recognize one serious hospital stay could change all that.

    The people you referred to might very well be individuals who were disabled during combat defending our way of life.

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    • Hover has the same advertisements around here. They guarantee to get you a chair if they qualify you. Wamart and the supermarket is full of people too fat too walk riding in their Hover chairs. My younger brother has mental problems but there is nothing wrong with him physically. He has not worked in over 50 years and rides around in a hover.

      The VA gives out motorized chairs and they are different from Hover. I had both legs damaged in combat in Korea. They didn't get them straight with the operations and it has ruined my hip. But I would rather walk and do not have a motorized chair but would qualify. I have never taken anything for nothing in my life.

      I am a life member of both the American Legion and the VFW. The Legion (non-combat vets) are mostly right wing while the VFW (combat vets) are more liberal. Even their magazines reflect this.

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