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  • cmegladon cmegladon Nov 26, 2010 10:30 AM Flag

    About these dips inPMs

    1-Remember, fundamentally, silver is back as a prime metal for industrial use. Solar Power panel manufacturers reliant on silver supplies. Guess who is the larget producer of solar panels worldwide? Yup, China
    2-Temporary blip in US Dollar due to European probs. Guess what, QE will continually make our dollar weaken. On balance, that's where the real currency trade is.
    3-Korea is a real problem.
    We sent our carrier there for a reason. We have 30,000 troops there, and the North is going through a regime change.....
    4-Technically, we are not going to maintain a 52/1 ratio with gold. Real parity will be a lot leaner. Pick your number, but a lot lower.
    5-I don't even include the manipulation factor, if it exists. But investors will take care of that in short order if you follow the silver pundits like Butler.

    Is silver a buy?
    You better believe it.

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    • It's 12:02 PM, Monday 11/29
      It's comforting to see all is breaking down in the equity markets. DOW down 140, S+P down 13 The Dollar is UP large BUT silver and even gold are holding firmly.
      Very impressive, but not surprising for us.
      GL PM bulls.

    • cmegladon, a very good summary, excellent post. I agree with all of it. One aspect that I see important to consider is that bank's funds and their hedge funds have not been selling a lot of silver stock shares. They have not increased their shorts on any of the other OTC markets. If they did so, more serious charges of manipulations would increase. Banks will cover, more than just in a slow process, as I said 2-3 months ago. One of these major banks is getting more and more **** from clients and advisors to clean up their reputation. It will hurt business activities for them and they know that. They don't have the power and structure of GS.

    • Speaking of Butler,he is one terrific guy I must say.He will tell you or anyone the way it is without anyfear at all,in fact he's been sending copy's of the news letter to all involved either directly or indirectly,he makes a point of making sure jpm and all the other biggies get a copy every month also.
      The part that is very disterbing to me him and many others is when someone as Mr Butler comesa straight forward and lays the facts on the table,plus purposely and deliberitly accuse them of totally and fully blown out manipulation and tells them he can and will prove every single aligation he throws their way and they just do sqat,nada nothing,not even a peep out of them.
      The amazing part is that even further incriminate jpm is the fACT THAT THEY HAVE ON RETAINER SO MANY LAWYERS FULL TIME TO PROTECT THEM,AND IF THIS WAS DONE TO ANY OTHER CO. AND THAT CO. WAS TOTALLY INOCENT OF ALL INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE AND ACCUASATIONS MADE AGAIST THEM ,THEIR TEAMS OF LEGAL POWERS WOULD BE SUEING bUTLER IN A HEART BEAT!!!Thats a fact jack and so when they are acxcused of almost every and anything you can possibly imagine concerning comex manipulation of gold /silver and do not respond or blink an eye,one has to really wonder what in the world are they up to here that their so confident of nothing happening to them as they paid pofdf the comitty or something like thstand I wouldn't be suprised who did what or why no matter how high on the latter this may go in the end.
      If someone dosent ghet jail time after this is all straightened out ,I will puke !!!
      Me or you would already be a suspect and arrested on suspicion and possibly out on bail awaiting a hearing or a trial date!!
      I'm sorry for rambling on and on ,I origanaly just wanted to state my opinion and gratitude that Mr. Butler so definately deserves for all he's done in the past and continues till this very day!
      He fears no one in doing what he believes is right!
      The whisle blower from jpm had a death threat emadiatly after it was publically know what goes on in jpm's offices,he had the wisdom and the nerve to srtep up to the plate for all of us,risked his life in doing so to!
      It's truly a blessing to such people as him and Mr. Butler here for us to do what no one else had the nerve to.
      God bless them,and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your courage and honesty always JM/Floria

    • A continuation of this thread for some reality checks.
      You know I am long but we need to keep it real.
      Regarding Russia abandoning the dollar and joining the Euro Zone; Do not pay any heed to that news. It's not bullish, nor bearish. It's meaningless. Russia has it's own problems and they are a third world country believing their own BS. They privatized their metals operations years ago, forestry and natural gas. Their money was spread around to the oligarths.....I mean, who do you think just bought the NJ Nets?
      They hold a significant amount of gold. But will they affect the dollar? NO
      Not by themselves.
      The dollar is affected by one major super power. The USA!!!!
      Not only must the Fed buy Treasuries to keep rates down, and the dollar weak, but what you can try to research but will not get an answer for is this. What OTHER purchases or trades are they making?
      Answer: They will have to prop up the Euro, one way or another.

      • 1 Reply to cmegladon
      • Nice post. Two remarks:

        1. On the Russia point, Putin used equivocal language. Some have reported here and other PM/miner threads that he was specific and unequivocal. Neyet. "Someday" or "maybe" or "in the mid to long term", Russia MAY join the EU. I MAY get a 19-year old Salvadorian mistress, too, but it is a meaningless statement until I make a declaration of certainty and actually take a step in that direction. An incohate crime requires an act in furtherance of said crime before it becomes actionable.

        2. PM's will bounce around, as with SLW, until the restraints are removed. Point number 4 in your post to start this thread cannot be under estimated. NOTHING fundamental has changed about the PM picture. However, the event we're all waiting for, PM's to take off to new highs, will be continually manipulated and capped by the market owner itself. Financial news networks and dim analysts will attribute these dips to the free market's view of PM's as "the market" telling us the bull run in PM's is slowing. The promotion of the free market as the proximate cause of the timid price in PM's IS the false flag. In reality, changes in margin requirements, momentum trading, short covering, etc. are more probable explanations and/or tools of the long strategy of dollar apologists. Why? The market itself will collapse if PM's go up ('too high") and delivery is demanded. Therefore, to keep the lid on it and perpetuate the dollar, the price of PM's MUST be suppressed. Really must be distorted, at all costs, including criminal activity and civil fraud, until it can't be manipulated anymore and the sheeple stop drinking Victory Gin.

        So, to all PM longs, heed the words of Porkins: STAY ON TARGET!!!!!!

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