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  • cmegladon cmegladon Nov 27, 2010 1:13 PM Flag

    About these dips inPMs

    Hans, you're welcome and thanks for the valuable addition to the thread.
    I also want to add something else for the "conspiracy theorists". And BTW, please do not take it the wrong way, just discussing one aspect of many.
    Regarding Butler. Most of his popularity revolves around his tirade against the Banksters manipulation of silver. He places a LOT of faith in Gensler, the newish chairman of the CFTC. He places an inordinate amount of weight and rests much of his prediction for silver's future rise on Gensler being 100% true blue and will get the job done uncovering the short manip.
    I have mentioned it before and will again. If you read about where this guy came from,. what he did, I have an opposite opinion of him. (Gensler). He's a former Goldman partner working there for (I think) 18 years. He was responsible for allowing the CDOs to be unregulated and ultimately shorted by GS.
    NO ONE can convince me he will not assist the Banksters again.
    So do not hold your breath for that to be cleaned up. I will be pleasently shocked if he does. Shocked.
    Just my op but keeping it real an opposing argument to that theory.

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