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  • tburke1932 tburke1932 Dec 9, 2010 3:25 PM Flag

    Pelosi turns down tax cut

    Pelosi is refusing to bring the Obama give-in to the republicans to the house floor for a vote. No matter what you think of her politics, you have to admit that she has more balls than Obama.

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    • Q. What's the difference between Nancy Pelosi and a Tenderloin crack ho'?

      A. Nancy still has her teeth.

      And I tend to be a Democrat.

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      • haha..thats know if you watch her on TV during interviews..she hates GOP so much it clouds her view..she will do anything to make them look bad..nevermind whats good for California or the Counrty..I know she isn`t the only one who behaves like that but she is alot worse then most and she is speaker of the house..thats a joke..but thats changeing soon.

    • Sadly is basically true. Once the new congress gets seated prepare for two years of screaming and yelling while nothing gets done.

      Pelosi is a reflection of the San Francisco voters who elected her. utterly clueless about what the real state of the world is and adamant that they get what they want and someone else has to pay for it.

      I'll lmao if the democrats manage to block obama's tax deal and everyones taxes go up Jan 1 ;)

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      • that is what will happen..ok I don`t want to pay more we all know.the gov just waste money..what so they can expand on their social programs..transfer wealth as Obama loves to you punish those who work hard and have success and give to those who do nothing...reminds me of what Russia used to do..we all saw how that worked out..really its socialism and some would say even going above we want to end up like Europe in 5 years? Thats how thye got into their mess by doing the same things we are doing right now...they have just been doing it longer ,it caught up to would think a light bulb would go off..hey maybe we shouldn`t do the same thing Europe did..but no instead its spend spend spend..raise taxes...bailouts..expand social programs...just crazy..yeah that will more than likely push up silver and gold..but wow..if everything gets alot worse won`t really matter..

      • LT-Agree, but that's why, at the end of the "day", it'll pass.
        They MUST because of the "middle" class and UE benefit extension.
        It's funy. There's several ways to analyze it.
        It's not really a tax cut, it's really an extension of what was in force. They're just adding the UE extension, SO, in reality, the Dems are getting another form of stimulus. And the bulk of the tax reduction is for the middle class. So, I don't know what they're complaining about (well I do) other than "political sparring".
        BUT IF per chance, they kill it? Sheesh. They're dead meat in the next election IF the economy gets worse.

    • thats because pelosi..hates the GOP so much she would rather beat them then do what is go for the country..she is a real piece of work and yet she keeps getting elected..look the tax break would help every one..and this class warefare is getting old..the so called rich that they keep bring up is mostly small business owners..these are people who provide you punish them and they will lay off more people some go out of business and now that hurts everyone..they don`t get it..

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