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  • jknv89 jknv89 Dec 27, 2010 3:06 AM Flag

    Aurcana buys back stream from SLW

    Topic from AXU message board. What do you make of this.

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    • I should have said

      "I understand they got silver at $3.90 but they have tons of other deals for the same price and those miners are *NOT* giving SLW their money back and saying the deal is over."

      note: added NOT

      point being AXU screwed SLW but the other guys are NOT screwing SLW over

    • Aurcana basically gave control of the the company to SLW.

      Could this happen with GG and ABX?

      Sure, it's just a question of at what price level.

      $100 silver?
      $200 silver?

      $1000 silver?

      Anything is possible with hyper-inflation.

      SLW will probably end up owning all the silver miners that have streaming deals.

      • 1 Reply to professor_terguson
      • Reconsideration of businesses goes on all the time, but why stop with just the silver streams? Maybe everybody should have been in the fertilizer or copper business?

        Companies sold silver streams because they weren't the primary business. Now that silver has jumped a bunch, is not the time to buy high, if I were in a different business--I mean, you give up the stream at the low price, the streamer gets the profits to date for value, NOW you're going to say there's no risk against your primary business?

        AUN had a different view, because they are 100% in the silver business, and gave half the stash away.

        The silver business for the big boys is nickels and dimes, and fraught with risk they rightly admitted, wasn't cool within their corporate structure.

        That's an awful lot of woulda coulda shoulda, and I don't put it past the little guys.

        The big guys? All it would do is make the lawyers rich.

    • I think DBTUNER turned up the volume when he turned my comment about other 100% silver minor miners may want to bug out their K's too--I only count one amongst the bunch with even that potential.

      DBTUNER owes us a url for the actualities he implied.

      I think of that occurrence as long term iffy, but not viable at the moment.

    • Thank You once again,for your way of making a point without mocking the not in the know . thats a trate alot of people can never accomplish ,even if they could they wouldn't.
      Happy holidays once again,and thanks,Jim

    • Jim you need to study the board ramblings and write them down, and then try your best to sift fact from fiction.

      I took DBTUNER to task for taking a supposition, that other miners would reneg and using bad grammar or bad news, to blow holes in SLW for no reason.

      So did you, and I'd like to see the same thing you would, the potential show some actuality.

      A silver miner who has nothing but silver gives away half his stash only under duress, I can guess that is why SLW let that one lonely miner walk.

      As to the implication for others, there might be, but I don't see any thing real yet, and DBTUNER's got some 'splaining to do.

    • One small minor miner working with SLW gave its investment dollars back, and that mine is almost exclusively a silver mine. It is not byproduct silver.

      How about urling a list of other miners in negotiation with SLW right now, that shows other miners, by name, are renegging or modifying deals.

    • Now thatt post DEFINATELY deserved a link to back up such strong accuasations of giving back all moneys and so on.
      Its not that i don't trust you ,but to make such statements without a reasonable link of some sort is ????whatever,are u a basher or a long or a ??what,with a statemnt like that many may take that as a frightening post,mabe even scare people waway for no reason at all. Thinkbefore you post,PLEASE,Jim

    • LOL I take that as a compliment.

      I find facts often calm the inner monkey, although for some people facts don't work as well as benzodiazepines.

    • Yourdeadmeat,I want to say something,it may sond sort of like anopolgy,but take it any way you please ,Sir.
      From the first few times I came on the board after investing in slw,I for some reason had the wrong impression of you for some reason or another,BUT,now that I see somewhat of who or what kind of person you really are,meaning intelegent ,usefull as a member of the board.
      Bringing alot of opinions here from what seems to me from alot of exsperience also.
      I want to take back a few off color posts from a long way back,more like insults .lol
      Thank you for all u donate to the board and the way you do it without dorectly insulting ignorance to
      That is a talent many peopla need to learn ,but never wii,it's a dam shame that people will always be insulting,bragging,competeing for nwho knows more,then we have the ones that focus on a secondary issue as in ones grammer ,they may spell a word improperly as I do alot,but the frustration I get comes from that same person ignoring the topic as if they are smart enough to pick out a misspelled word,but never comment or say a thing about the subject in question,which starts the name calling and all the childish bs,that makes the constructive part be competly covered over and ignored!!
      They say when things as this happen it's purposely done by bashers,payed or not,it's a ploy to distract the meanig of nthe post because it is something the basher dosent want alot of us to understand,so they use these type of tctics to cause so much writeing and cursing and u name it,everything except the point in question.
      When this happens ,the basher grets a raise I would thing ,lol, and has accomplished his job ,and was was so easy for them to,because once they get everones number,its sort of like playing poker,you read people ,not the cards. Hope this makes sence,and thankmu for donating your exsperience and knowledge to the board. There I said my piece,and one last thing,Merry belated Chrismass,or happy Honachah,or whAT EVER YOUR PRACTICE MAY BE,JIM

    • Stack you shoulda been a suicide negotiator.

      I get hoarse sometimes yelling jump.

      I am astounded the long termers who can't google.


      I learned my skills in the stacks of libraries going through card catelogs 45 years ago.

      So I am reminded of the sci fi story about the only man left in the land of computers who could still add subtract multiply and divide with pen and paper.

      In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is killed.

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