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  • xraythrives xraythrives Dec 30, 2010 1:05 PM Flag

    Is Silver a complete inflation investments?

    Do I really need to be buying agricultural commodities, cattle, food, cotton and cocoa?

    Do I need base metals and oil in my portfolio?

    I guess my question is how well diversified does one need to be when playing the overarching theme of inflation/hyper-inflation?

    Doesn't Silver have the ability to react to price increases in all commodity classes?

    Are you guys diversifying out into other commodity classes?? TIA?

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    • I started looking into avenues to short U.S. bonds, Japanese bonds, U.S. retailers, and go long rare earths outside of China. I am trying to investigate larger trends outside of PMs and SLW. I believe PMs will remain my core, but there are other opportunities given my limited capital and experience that I believe I can take advantage of over the course of 2011.

    • Personally speaking, I went out to 3 stores and got estimates on huge quantities of cotton briefs, a few months ago.
      I used a 25% off Family and Friends coupon off the sale price and am set for about 30 years.
      So long as my girth stays the same, I'm good! If not, I'll use nickel plated bobby pins, of which I have copious amounts as well.

    • It is pretty safe to assume that the corporatists have won. They have bought all the politicians and convinced most of the herd that they can run the country better than a democratically elected government. Read Mussolini’s manifesto on corporatism (a.k.a. fascism) and you will see what they want. All government services will be privatized for maximum profit to the rich. The police and National Guard will be strengthened to protect the property of the rich. Everybody will be working as they load sixteen tons and go deeper in debt. A week’s pay will barely put enough food on the table to keeps the kids alive. The rich will get richer at an even faster rate as the middle class disappears. Those holding paper will be left holding only the empty paper bag. This has been coming for forty years. It was behind the CIA sponsoring the break-up of families. If you are not familiar with Aaron Russo’s exposing their plan then go to:

    • The recommendation from the commodity geek squad has been squarely registered in the camp of those folks we used to call freaks in the Far West, who went underground, got guns, provisions for six to twelve months, and did their own gardening.

      That is now the RECOMMENDATION of some folks who would have pilloried anyone making the above suggestions too short a time ago.

      That's if you're in survivalist mode.

      Moving to investments, those things that the people above will need to accumulate to survive, to include basic food and clothing and fertilizer companies--raw materials-- will be as good as gold, if you pardon the expression, for investment purposes.

      Stay away from housing and those suppliers, but you can think of home improvement as staples in the near future as folks trying to live at same location spruce up their places for their own benefit. That's a ways down the pike.

    • I own additionally NGD, & NSU both have huge resources in copper, zinc, and gold.



    • How do you store Wheat, Cotton, Corn for 1, 2, 3 years?

      you just buy futures which is mearly a promise from somebody.

      That's where bullion come into play.

    • Problem is anyone in the business of selling precious metals might have a slightly different view than other general economists. I think for this I better look toward the overall economic minds like Krugman and Gramn. Time to go to school.

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