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  • depeche_yankees depeche_yankees Jan 13, 2011 4:31 PM Flag

    Gold to 1300, silver to 24 - Given, stop fighting

    I think I know which one I'd like to do out of those choices.

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    • "if you hold gold and silver in Swiss banks you should be concerned...the Swiss are simply financial parasites, set up by world elitists, so that they could all keep their assets safe. That is why the Swiss have had no wars for over 150 years.

      That in mind, there is no question that major Western banks control Europe and the US and are influential worldwide. It could be via such control that investors who have accounts in these banks could have their gold and silver frozen in the future. If that happens it will be because the gold and silver has already been sold or leased and you will be offered currency in place of your holdings....All banks today lie about everything, thus anything goes. They own the regulators and the governments. They are all carrying two sets of books. The entire world banking system is bogus. In order to avoid criminal charges the banks will pay in currency. The Chinese current account balance is now $2.85 trillion in various currencies, thus it is no surprise that they are buying gold, silver, commodities and anything priced reasonably. That is why every time gold and silver and commodities are knocked down they rise right up again. This war...for the last two years is gold versus currencies, particularly versus the dollar. The battle for the paramount world reserve currency has already been won by gold. The world just doesn’t know it yet.

      Great pressure could be bought to bear in behalf of gold and silver prices if the US and European public were to get involved. Their participation has been lackluster. The gold and silver markets have just been forced into another consolidation, which makes the possibility of a deeper correction less likely. Eventually a reserve currency, or a world index of currencies has to be backed by gold."

      R. Chapman

19.48-0.76(-3.75%)May 3 4:02 PMEDT