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  • sivr6651 sivr6651 Jan 15, 2011 9:45 AM Flag

    CFTC Back in JPM's Corner

    The whole world was watching. Everyone knows who the 5 of you are, and what you just did. The disgrace attached to your names is permanent. It will never wash off.

    Everyone should write to their elected representatives, and demand the 5 be fired and replaced, for openly defying the law!!!.

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    • "some contact info. And...don't forget to vote. "

      The CTFC Commissioners should be dismissed. A rebound in the price of silver in no way excuses their behavior. Contact your Congressmen, Senators, and the President. Let them know you want action. The CTFC is not above the law.

    • Yes ,your exactly right ,this is exactly like a movies i watched where the lawyer for the defendent said his client could in no way get a fair trial in the state the trial was to take place,he filed the motion and had it moved to a state where the jury was unbiasand knew nothing about the trial or why they were chosen for it.
      thats exactly what we need ,as u said a new board ,all new all 5 of them should be let go,and replaced with compitant people that can fairly do the job correctly,and hoestly.
      i wouldnt be one bit supprised if these 4 of the 5 were payed off[jmo] mabe even the 5 th to,so it didnt look to obvious????i have no proof but ,damit im tired of wasses running that job,we need fairness and justice there not flunkys in someones pocket one way or another!!!! Jmo

    • Don't let today's rally, cover up what they did. Write to Obama and tell him, speak up now or lose my vote.

    • I love my country but am absolutely disgusted with my government.

      Let's vote every double dealing, ear tag attaching bastaaard out no matter which side of the isle.

      Gold and silver will have its day.

    • Pls name the 5........

    • This is all a big waste of time. The markets are rigged. The lies are to be maintained at any cost. The world could be out of silver and it won't matter. The rule of law does not apply to JPM. They can not have silver over $30 and it shows. CFTC is a joke. The only way this is going to end is with hyperinflation and chaos. Get you metals, ammo, food and water. Forget the stocks. They are just more worthless paper.

    • Write to Obama. Tell him you're mad the CTFC refuses to follow the law, and won't vote for him in 2012, unless he delivers the "change" he promised. Let him know he has wasted 2 years, and time is running out for him to earn your support in the next election.

      Ask for Jill Sommers and Scott O'malia to be fired.

    • Chilton really tried, I believe. Unfortunately the bankers have the CFTC in their pockets, so laws don't matter.

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      • I have to agree with you. Obama officially rolled over and has been taken hostage by the JP Morgue. Look for all the investigations to take the low hanging fruit only. The CFTC will continue to manipulate gold and silver. The one thing I know for sure is that free markets are not free. If I'm the government I can't afford for the PM's to go ripping and roaring had they not been checked in the past 30 years or so.
        The governments are struggling with the PM on a global basis currently. Last week China released photos of their stealth fighter. Given the rumors about China is it possible that they might not play ball or are they in too deep with us to do anything but play ball? My guess is these governments are starting to feel that they must hang together or hang seperatly.
        I feel it a matter of time before the people of Europe through newly elected officals begin to ask the bond holders to take large haircuts. It's a classic case of the banks have a bigger problem than the people who are charged with paying the bills of financially iresponsible parties who have been running these governments.
        In countries that are polarized by political parties I think its probable that parties that are out of power will lure the large amount of "independents" that sre loyal to no one for very long. They will eventually become the "pitchfork party" and you can't blame them...

        We the US are by far the least free country in the Democratic World. It doesn't take much to see that our parties are carrying out the same programs while spending a lot of time camoflauging it' We should chage to counrty's name to Bank of America or something.

        My advice to you as investors is to be trader with about 20% of your funds and have a good sized short because the banksters got away with a perfect crime and right now they're still hiding out but as soon as the markets get high enough there will be another coordinated "flash crash".

        As a country we are now in the terminal stage of "systemic corruption" In other words corruption is the only game in town. Those that have carefully controlled the game for decades have let to many wolves into the game and what do wolves do?

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