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  • optionstrader4u optionstrader4u Feb 1, 2011 11:05 PM Flag

    Does anyone have any whisper numbers on earnings?

    With the huge run up in silver how much will this affect their earnings? Shouldn't SLW move more like 3 or 4 to 1? It seems as though it moves with silver and almost follows it price. Now if they were paying a scaled amount then I would understand but they are not. They are paying a fixed amount so every dollar silver moves SLW should move a lot more. I know my question is kind of confusing and I guess I just don't know how to word it but to sum it up.. Why is SLW moving equally with silver instead of taking a upward curve? Can anyone explain this to me? Thanks for any input.

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    • The market prices six months out, not the last quarter, especially if it feels that in spite of the doubling of production, the POS will stabilize or decline. Does 42 to 32 mean that decline is "over"? Will there be a void when Egypt and oil pops go away?

      We know there is, but slogging through hard times is hard on longs and dangerous for shorts.

      I'm looking for some stable instability again, before I commit money. PIIGS for example.

      The fraud that the economies of the world are improving is it has been mutually beneficial all parts of society.

      We keep pointing to the great 70% on the brink in jobs and homes, and have forgotten, the top 30% is carrying the country because they have 75% of the money. Gaging the pop in specie based upon the have nots that have been created by the "winners" outdistancing themselves from the "losers" is false logic--the losers, when they reenter the job force, will not make a huge difference, that is the huge mistake underscoring thinking.

    • SLW has a fixed cost a $4 dollars. As the price of silver goes up they make that much profit and went it goes down they make that much. The whisper is 28 cents a share but they will blow that away.

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