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  • obiwanknabbe obiwanknabbe Feb 3, 2011 10:26 AM Flag

    Everyone keeps asking " when ?"

    To answer the question "When will actual supply be reflected in the price of silver?" The answer is, It already has!!!! Just not on the worthless paper market. Take a look on EBAY. This is a great way to gauge what the rest of the world really thinks something is worth, not just the crooks on wall street. ... Try to find a 1oz Silver Eagle, Maple Leaf, or Australian Kookaburra for $28.00... I'll bet my life on it that you won't find one actually selling for less than $30 USD.. If it is less than $30, The auction isn't over, or, the shipping is very high. When you add it up, it's still over $30; usually closer to $32 or more now that I think about it. It should be apparent to everyone by now that the moving averages of paper and physical are starting to move in increasingly divergent directions. I hope this provides a new perspective to anyone who's interested.

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    • and as far as the box goes , it could be other than a bank We dont share all our trade secrets.. giggle

    • ty for someone to agree on here is wow Yes I became a blond because that is my colour lol I was in a hurry when I chose that avatar ,and being a true woman our hair changes at least once a month lol I do have other interests than silver but silver has been a exciting ride most stocks are dull I bought some of Buffets new fund BKRB very is board

    • I've still been reading $50 by the end of this year. We shall see.

    • legal..I guess we are more or less on the same page.Sorry i wasn`t trying to attack you. Its just this gets frustrating .Normally in unstable times gold an silver go up.Its alot safer..and based on middle esat plus of course US enconmy, silver and gold look alot more stable.I was just pointing out how they can have a huge impact on pm.

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      • thats ok I can take abuse, but I do rebut at times. I was in the financial field as a professional for 15 years I got cynical about two things 1) people listened and than retracted from plan and have no money now 2) there are a lot of badly run mutual funds that make you 0 as a average over 5 years They are no different than you and I in silver " you have to know when to fold" They arent trained to do that. I like to be in control and trust my own judgement Ive learned to do selective listening as there are things said that are "additive" every day.I now run a home business but not finacial lol

      • Think people should be buying SLW and physical silver for inflation insurance. I still think were in for a bunch of inflation.

    • now , back to silver Chart making a good up move I do have a clear interest in price as I bought some shares too high ( based on the euphoria I talked about) analyst were talking 50 for silver In what century is the question ?

    • I understand what your saying..I just think theres alot more behind scenes going on in Egypt..I think the Muslim Brother hood started it with intentions of taking control of Egypt..Jordan now has changed out their Gov...the king there is scared that could happen there..Ok Muslim brother hood have very clear goals..I agree with you what the people in Egypt want..its the Muslim Brotherhood I`m worried about.

    • talking down to people and talking to people are two different things Im sorry you feel that way No, Im not a millionaire I just proceed with caution and feel everyone deserves a chicken in their pot Its up to them to believe it too Thats all the Egyptians want and liberty to get it We have that already TG

    • don`t be errgant..your a Buffet?? so your worth Billions..they way your posting you seem to talk down to poeple I was just saying need to look at everything.World events affect the markets. Middle East is huge, if oil goes $ won`t be able to handle that.$10 gas..that will kill avg person..and alot of business would go under. I hope it doesnt` go that I said..then it wouldn`t matter holding silver..everything else would be either huge shortage and or very expensive.

    • Your crazy..ok our public schools are ajoke..ranked at the bottem..the christans as you say aren`t against chartercschools..priv schools..I know that bypassing the teachers union..ok The Muslim brotherhood has a track record..they have direct ties to Hamas..they have ties to 9/11 bin ladin came from Muslim Brotherhood. Ok they have stated they want to take over the west..Europe and US..either we convert to Muslim or we die..thats some of their to say they aren`t dangarous..your sadly mistaken..when we have another 9/11 next time a dirty bomb..2-3 milion die..maybe enough peole will finally wake up.I don`t wish these terible things..but guess what..they hate the west..they don`t care if your on the left or right..your an american either way in their your homework..I have..its not good..they are a huge threat.

    • Question: what happens when the education is "extremism"? Like the Palestinian Sesame Street that celebreated killing of jewish people. Education is a wonderful thing, but depends on who is writing the book.

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