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  • rock12077 rock12077 Feb 4, 2011 3:54 PM Flag

    buy before close big up move monday

    i am adding to my position right here right now.... see u above 35 next week

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    • if you didnt buy on friday at the close buy before the open... short squeeze about to happen above 35.00

    • I agree. I don't think it's going to be possible to get out from under the debt, UNLESS, the value of the currency falls so low as to make the dollars much cheaper. If that isn't the plan then it's just to collapse the currency and screw everyone who holds our debt. Either way p.m.'s soar.

      To pay down the debt without the dollar taking a hit you would have to rein in spending MASSIVELY while GROWING the economy by a minimum of 6.5%. I don't believe we can do this. As you mentioned too many jobs have shifted overseas. These are high paying jobs. A family member owns an accounting company & she has lost a high % of her corporate clients to India. She had to let many CPA's go. There are plenty of low wage service jobs but it's tough for someone with a family to go from 6 figures to minimum wage.

      This has been a long time in the making and Congress has let America down. BOTH parties.

    • The deficit is bad and came from exporting our production of wealth. Along with the exporting of productive jobs we exported the tax base. But what is worst is that we now have to way to get out of debt. What we have for an economy is either producing weapons of war or fraud. Just transferring money from one person to another is a fraudulent economy that does not produce wealth. We need a positive balance of trade to dig out of the hole we are in and I don’t see that happening.

    • I'd say end this thread. Suffice it to say we all want peace. Religious views are better kept to oneself.
      What is really going to move precious metals is the huge deficit hanging over our heads. Geopolitical events will move p.m.'s temporarily but eventual fallout of our debt will cause p.m.'s to skyrocket. Everyone here is better off than about 99% of the population. Yes, only about 1% of Americans own p.m.'s. Have a supply of MRE's or food that will not spoil in case you lose power. These are just insurance policies just in case. I always like to be prepared as I know many here feel the same way. Good Luck.

    • It is amazing how these politically correct people now embrace Islam. Just look at it objectively. Where ever Islam is practice there is poverty, unrest, emotional abuse (especially against women), brain washing, violence, shall I go on. How is it that we are to embrace these people and what they stand for. You are right Islam will be the death of us all. And I agree No Jesus No Peace, Know Jesus Know Peace.

    • look it up you even know what that means??? The Muslim Brotherhood its their main goal..look it up ok. Don`t tell me they don`t believe in violence...of course they claim all the sheep won`t question them. like Hamas doesnt` believe in violence either huh..that is a group backed by Muslim brotherhood..hhm why do they back them if they don`t believe in Violence...hhmm connect the dots..ok it was just on the news..a few days ago..Muslim brotherhood made a statement Egypt should prepare for war with Isreal...I thought they don`t believe in Violence..that can`t be something they said...hhmmm connect the dots will see..when another country riots and guess who will be in the background...

    • no they aren`t the same thing..ok Bin laden came from the Muslim did his 2nd in command..humas..these are terrorist who want to take over the entire world..the christans are`nt trying to take over the entire world..and they aren`t blowing people up with bombs or flying into bulidings...for you to compare them..really makes me wonder..theres no logic at all to that.. wow. You know what..Muslism Brotherhood hates all americans..they don`t care if your on the left or flash..your see how this plays out..Egypt isn`t the only country that is going down..its going to get bad .great for silver gold..but bad for everything else..

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      • You do not understand the difference between the jihadis and Brotherhood. The Christians send missionaries all over the world to convert people. So they do want to conquer the world. The Christian want everybody in the country to live according to what they see in their bible. They attempt to pass secular laws to force people to obey their Christian law.

        The Brotherhood's stated goal is to instill the Qur'an and Sunnah as the "sole reference point for ... ordering the life of the Muslim family, individual, community ... and state".[3] Since its inception in 1928 the movement has officially opposed violent means to achieve its goals,

        "Unlike the jihadis, it does not believe it is at war with the West. It is conservative and non-violent,"[6] and "untested in government and poorly understood - especially in the West"[

    • No references, no logic, no analysis, no news given to back up your statement. Please engage brain before opening mouth.

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      • oh really...Jordan Protest...Yemon..same,Tunisia also had their gov over thrown..that was the 1st.. a few weeks ago. Muslim brotherhood has said they want to take over entire middle East so they can take over oil to cause the west Problems..$10 gas would take down our economy and the worlds for that matter. They also want to go to far with Isreal. They just made this statement the other are you not paying attention? These are the facts. If it does play out like that Oil goes through the roof and food goes up gold and silver. Ok the Muslim brotherhood has clear your homework..pull your head out of the sand. This is going to be a real problem..great for silver, but if everthing else gets tha bad, it won`t matter

    • What if Mubarak decides to resign tomorrow? I think we could see a down draft on the pms if that would happen. Oil was hit today because no one wanted to hold into that uncertainty.

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      • even if Egypt appears better over the weekend..won`t matter..your see..The Muslim Brotherhood will take over and its not just Egypt.This could get real bad..Egypt is just the 1st country..silver and gold, more than likely will keep coming up...its too unstable now.I`m surprised stock market hasn`t been dropping. Will see what happens next week

    • Im certainly not unhappy with that action Fairly normal for SLW and above 29 spot I will have a good weekend and hope I another lobster

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