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  • dalerobin777 dalerobin777 Feb 25, 2011 10:18 AM Flag


    Those CNBC morons have hated Gold-SILVER for years..

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    • You guys are looking at this all wrong. It really isn't that the bubbleheads on CNBC hate silver and gold. They don't, they aren't even allowed to actively manage their own stock investments--No kidding.

      The problem is that they are simply REPORTERS. Reporters are like everyone else, they process the information that they are exposed to and develop opinions that slip out into their work. In this case the REPORTERS are surrounded by money managers all day day-after-day, week-after-week, month-after-month, year-after-year who tell them that gold is a bad investment. They typically spout gems like "Lets see you eat your gold" or "You don't earn any interests on your gold or silver so its a losing investment". Of course the right response to these would be "well lets see you eat your dollar bills" and "yeah, Apple doesn't pay a dividend either, but its a great investment- whats the difference?" Unfortunately, they don't have the background to be able to formulate good rebutal arguments to these guys.

      Anyway, the REPORTERS have been totally surrounded by WallStreet types who don't want people to invest in gold/silver. The Wall Street salesmen who appear on CNBC [Yes that is all they are. They are simply nice dressed well groomed salesmen] know that once people put their money in the PMs, they rarely if ever trade the asset. They simply stash them away for a rainy day. No trading = no commissions to the brokers. They aren't in it for you, they are in it to earn a living, so in their minds talking down the PMs is a no lose discussion. So IMO it isn't that the Journalists on CNBC hate gold/silver, its that they are ever so subtly manipulated day-after-day by the Wall Street shrills that appear on each segment.

      Best of luck..

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