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  • goshawk51855 goshawk51855 Feb 26, 2011 12:33 PM Flag


    Yes, silver and gold are in a bull market, and have done well, and
    will probably do well for some time yet. The easy money may have been made already. However, as in any bull market, sentiment
    becomes delusionally rosy, and every manner of con artist comes
    out and starts whipping up a frenzy of positive expectations. If
    there is any dissent from this mass self-delusion, the deluded
    fools unleash a vicious attack on the dissenter, and call him
    "shorty" etc. Then there are the conspiracy theories about unseen
    evil powers who are engaged in the unholy crusade of "keeping down" the price of the fools' favourite equity, in this case
    silver. JPM, and "Blythe" come to mind. All of these phenomena
    are the very building bklocks of a fantasy edifice which, at the
    most inconvenient time, comes crashing down on the fools who spent
    years inventing these very building blocks and lovingly erecting
    therefrom their very own castles of imaginary "can't lose" wealth
    scenarios. Of course, this process can go on longer than any sane
    person can predict, and many interim investors can and do make a
    ton of money along the way.
    However, the market is no fool!!! And most assuredly JPM and
    "Blythe" as well as other entities of that ilk are NO FOOLS. How
    is it possible that dime-a-dozen puny "investors" on this board
    are "smarter" than JPM??? People can become mesmerized by the
    long uptrend in any equity, and begin to see it as the inevitable
    road to fortune, impregnable to the inevitable vicissitudes of
    the market. Then comes the day of reckoning. They get wiped out.
    Even those who had ten bagger returns will by then have acquired
    the mentality that they are going to wait out the evil tactics
    of the evil powers, and continue on to even greater returns, they
    thus persist, ....and persist....until they get gutted!!! That is
    the pattern that has asserted itself for almost 300 years in the
    market. It will not change. Because human nature will not change.
    Most recently, leqions of fools made great fortunes between 1998
    and 2000, and had been wiped out by 2002. Looking back on that,
    no douvt today's fools say..."I would NEVER lert that happen".
    Yewah sure. That is exactly the fools of 2002 said about an
    earlier generation of fools. Rest asured, JPM will be around, and
    prosperous, loooong after some fools here have retreated to some
    hovel, shorn of all their assets. Yes, some will escape. No doubt
    of that. But the monolithic hordes of silver junkies will come to
    a sad end indeed.
    "Men suffer the greatest deceptions in life from their own
    I did not come up with that.
    Leonardo da Vinci did.

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    • Hey look here dude,I got board within one minute of your outlandish dreams u insist on writing a book about, but let me sumize your fantacy for u dude.
      Silver is where its at,you and your story book will never change this,each day that goes by we get deeper and deeper into less supply and so there it is,why do u waste your time with dribble and bs,or what ever u call that waste of time reading,the facts are here for anyone to see,it isnt a test,its pure and simple ,the only advise one needs after making his position ,is pacience ,oh and buy the dips if u have dry powdewr,so take that fairy tail and shove it wiedo!! jmo

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      • j1253......where does one begin
        with someone who writes like
        Shakespeare!!!! A chimpanzee
        named Shakespeare, that is. Did
        you go to school at all??? I
        have a cat that would beat you
        in a debate, since he can actually hold a thought longer
        than 1 second, it seems. Do you
        have a job? Do you brush your
        teeth (tooth?), do you shower?
        etc etc. Which zoo did you escape from, and isn't your
        sister also your girlfriend? I
        have no idea why your keeper lets you near a computer.

    • Take a look at a chart of last Thursday's market action after the comex closed and only the globex (electronic trading only - a very thin market) was open. They whacked silver about 1.60 in less than 45 minutes. It went from 33.2 to 31.6. Also look at how silver hit new highs on the previous Monday when the COMEX was closed and the market was not able to be effectively manipulated. Then there's the McQuire hearing before the comex where he revealed that for every 100 ounces of paper silver contracts written, there exists a single ounce of silver in a vault somewhere. If you can put all that together and not see a giant conspiracy to manipulate prices lower (one that seems to be failing btw) no amount of evidence could convince you otherwise.

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      • Apparently CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton belives in these crazy conspiracy theories because he made a public statement last October that there has been illegal manipulative trading in the silver market and went on to say he felt they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

        But then you really arent interested in facts are you, just your own imaginative picture of how it all is.

      • What's with all the vitriol? State your market position and your plans. Don't worry: none of us are big enough to move this market.

        If Goshawk (great trainer jet by the way!) didn't use the word "silver" or "JPM" and instead used "tulips" and something else, how can you argue? Bubbles form. Bubbles burst. Hopefully we're all on the winning side of that. (Personally, I am long SLW 3,500 shares and will exit around $44 unless I'm MORE convinced about supply shortage and short-covering, an argument I've bought into.)

        But what's with the nastiness? It's POSSIBLE that Silver goes into bubble mode followed by a steep sell-off. (I don't see that yet.) Notice his FIRST sentence: "Yes, silver and gold are in a bull market, and have done well, and will probably do well for some time yet."

        The guy is long silver and suggesting that people think about NOT repeating stupid mistakes.

        Nice post Goshawk.

    • Yup and some sheeps are so dumb they will get rattled and dump their holdings when they hear this kind of sorry s-h-i-tut.

      SLW been good to me since $22 and I have raked plenty of my chips off the table already, and then gotten back in.

      JPM not going anywhere, thats fo sho.

    • JP Morgan will be around, and prosperous? Aren't they the SAME firm that was BAILED out by taxpayers just a couple short years ago?

      Monolithic hordes of silver junkies? Tell ya what, Einstein, go out to any public place and see what percentage of citizens own any silver. You'll find the percentage is in the LOW single digits.

      delusionally rosy? Oh yes, you're right. We're all just making up the worldwide riots and deaths, the inflation, the debts, the bankrupt governments, the bankrupt states, the bankrupt cities, and so on and so on. Yes, you sure are smart!

      I have a guess that I bet is dead've gotten CRUSHED in the stock market over the years and are very, VERY bitter. There are many people in this world who should NOT're obviously one of them.

    • There are no 'monolithic hordes of silver junkies'. The sheeple are still clinging to the big, popular DOW and tech stocks, bloated with billions upon billions of managed money.

      This ride has only just begun, and you will be living in a cardboard box after the big money floods into the still tiny silver market.

      Sorry, shorty,

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