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  • sivr6651 sivr6651 Mar 10, 2011 6:13 PM Flag

    The Significance of $36 silver

    APMEX is out of 2011 and random year Silver Eagles. They have only 300 2010s. They expect more 2011s in 2 weeks, but they have none till then. What does that say about the demand for silver on a these pullbacks?

    The only reason silver is under $36 is, JPM is willing to naked short to the heavens, to stop the escalators from kicking in on their structured silver/inflation product.

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    • Agreed SIVR,

      This is just a manufactured takedown. It's pretty amazing that without fail every single time when the US dollar is about to fall off a cliff, Moody's comes out and downgrades one of the PIIGS countries. Then the US dollar rallies, and JPM simultaneously destroys the metals.

      While it's frustrating to watch, it does provide an opportunity to load up more physical and cheap shares.

      The game can only go on for so long as physical supplies get depleted with every takedown.

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      • The dollar and the Euro are on a seesaw. First the $ goes down, then when the Euro gets too high, the $ goes up. They need to be measured against something other than each other. That is where PMs come into the equation.

        I would like to hear from someone who has an investment with JPM that is a bet on the silver/inflation ratio. Anyone out there make an investment like that? It would help validate the rumor.

      • Do you have data, graphs, etc. to show the correlation you speak of? I realize it sounds like I'm doubting you, but that's my nature, unless pretty pictures point it out to me.

        Also, do you really think this Wynter Benton person/thing/entity is to be believed if/when nobody really knows wtf s/he is? I mean, if everything is so clear and obvious, no reason the person can't show his/her face.

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