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  • j1253jm j1253jm Mar 15, 2011 11:36 AM Flag

    I worked in a power plant in New Jersey back in 1977 and,

    I remember we had to take a test before the nunion and the plant would allow us to enter the reactor area [called the taurus,this the ares outside the doughnut shaped ring that cools the reactor of with sea water.
    every so many years they close it down at like 5 million a day i think it was ,and we would do repairs and so on.
    but nthe point im trying to make here is if those cars and semicondutors in japan have been contaminated beyond a specified amout of rems,which is a measurement of radioactivity on them ,they cannot be saved nor salvage,and they are sealed in large containers brought out in the middle of some deselnet area in the middle of the us,like a desert area and buried some 25 below surface in cave like pockets and to be never touched again. Or mabe for at least 25 yrs i forget.
    every time we had a shut down at forked river plant any tools that were used down in the touris were left behing=d and taken out to be sealed and buried no matter how much the eqiptment cost,and it was most all new tool and eqiptment too!
    so any and all silver that may be in electric cars are gone forever and must be repalced,so this is added to the already tight supple of silver we have already! Jim

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