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  • icemammoth icemammoth Mar 21, 2011 12:32 AM Flag

    The Islam religion is why we fight all these wars.

    U are absolutely clueless. The US government is trying to use Islam as a scapegoat. Where were all you haters before 9/11? Islam has been around for thousands of years and now all of sudden geniuses like you come out with such useless assumptions. You are falling right into the trap that the US government wants. He wants sheep like you to think that islam is the problem, when it is the US Gov't that is causing the problems in the world.

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    • Correction, Islam started around 600 A.D. so it isn't thousands of years old. And since its inception it has done nothing but war on those who would oppose it. Only when they don't have an advantage or are weak do they lay low until another opportunity presents itself.

    • The US Government didn't write the Koran. Just get any book with a critical analysis of the Koran and fill that big empty void in your head on this subject. The violence has been going on since day 1, Americans just didn't pay attention to it until 9-11.

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