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  • irisbaranski irisbaranski Apr 4, 2011 6:27 AM Flag

    Could confiscation of gold and silver be coming to the USA?

    The author of this article feels this just might be the case.

    "In addition to this, I become personally more convinced by the day that we are heading toward “bullion confiscation” – certainly inside the U.S., and very possibly in other Western nations. There have been several obvious “clues” that confiscation is coming.

    First, the modest unwinding of the massive short-positions by the bullion banks in the gold and silver market has been completely reversed, and now the banksters are again rapidly increasing their fraudulent short holdings. At the same time, the CFTC has simply chosen to ignore the new “law” in the U.S. which mandates that the CFTC impose “position limits” on those fraudulent short-holdings".

    Any thoughts out there on the subject?

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    • I read somewhere the Govn. could legally ( loosly stated ) confiscate American Silver Eagles. Id prefer Canadian Mapleleaves for physical holdings. As for guns including rifles when you buy from a gun store of any kind all the info. goes in to the Govn. Buy silver in small qtys and guns from gunshows or private parties.

    • <<"In addition to this, I become personally more convinced by the day that we are heading toward “bullion confiscation” – certainly inside the U.S., and very possibly in other Western nations. There have been several obvious “clues” that confiscation is coming.>>

      FAT chance of worldwide confiscation occuring from a single nation!

      China?!?!?!? India??!?!??! just to name 2!! AND THERE ARE PLENTY MORE COUNTRIES!!! will certainly have something to say about the taking of PERSONAL belongings!

      tata, davdddd

    • He is the best of the lot on the other side. There are alot of mean other folk's of the republican's.

    • They won't have to take your gold and silver, they will just tax your profits when you sell your stock and try to take your profits when you sell physical. The new 1099 reporting law (part of Obumer care) that was to start in 2012 may be nixed, but we will have to wait and see.

      We are moving toward a cashless society and everything will be tracked and taxed. Do you know a lot of people that use a debit or credit card to buy a cup of coffee or lunch at micky d's?


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      • At around $22 for 500 rounds of .22 long rifles they are a better value than gold or silver for bartering if the worst of times happens. Everyone has a .22 around the house with very little ammo. Stock up now.. Good show coming up this week on CNBC about what people are doing for 2012...

      • Cashless society is what is coming. We are there in a lot of ways. We only use cash for petty items now. That is the danger to the gold and silver owners. Confiscation is not going to happen. Not without a fight. If they can take your guns and your property, then we might as well be living in Cuba or N Korea. Somethings are worth fighting and dying for. If we will wave the flag because some so-called terrorist somewhere gets killed, then surely we could rally around a real issue like freedom of personal property.
        BTW.....I hope they shut the worthless beaurocratic government down and it stays down. My life would change would be zero if the punks in DC had to go get a real job. Shut is down for a year and take a chunk out of the deficit. The only people who care about a government shut down are those who are getting a check.

    • I'll say it again and the hate will fly. Confiscation will only happen if liberals are in charge. That is a simple FACT. If the truth hurts, you are part of the problem. GL

    • As likely as confiscation of all firearms.


      NRA Life Member

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      • I'm with you buddy... if they come for my Ag or my firearms, they are going to get a few thousand ounces of my Pb First. As good ole Charlton Heston said it best, "From my cold, Dead, hands!"

      • You raead my thoughts,they better confiscate the firearms first if they intend on taking a persons gold and silver from their house,I really can't imagine this taking place at all.
        We would have a civil war on our hands ,there would be marshall law and burning buildings and people shot all over the us!
        The list of options are just that options,but the reality is reality,no poerson in their right mind would open their door and say sure come right in the silvers in the safe down stairs,help yourself guys,anyone want a soda?? lol lol !!
        Never happened !!
        My original plan here was to take the silver I had accumilated ,buy SlW as I did back when it was in the 20's and make as much as I can with SLW to buy back a little silver at a time while holding my position with the stock to.
        Now I think that may be a bad idea,I may just keep all my capitol in the slw stock,just in case craziness starts to happen. jmo Jim

      • A door to door confiscation is not feasible, but like the last time, voluntary turn in's and safe deposit box raids(patriot act) will suffice. The main thing is that gold and silver at this point will be illegal to posses, use for trade or barter. No investing in physical will be happening or allowed. I wonder if that will make it legally impossible to cover a short position?

      • Pat,

        They start taking gold, silver, and guns. The well armed "crazies" (which I am a proud member) will say NO.

        Give me liberty or give me death.

        We should have a good day.


    • It would be the way "out" for some shorts. Not the first time it has happened. Is there another way to get back on the gold standard?

      We need some drama, an event to get everyone in the mood for such a thing.

    • Regardless... that is why I own SLW and RGLD(IRS friendly) in my IRA account(they will not confiscate those great corporation's).

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      • In the Depression of the 1930's, they confiscated gold. Homestake Mining corporation(a pm miner) was one of few corporation's that was up big time during the 1930's. But with these high oil prices today...(oil is a major cost of production of a pm miner) I would prefer a royalty pm corporation that is insulated... SLW and RGLD. Also both corporation's pay dividend's. I prefer SLW though because of great management and a great balance sheet.

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