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  • jermarge2000 jermarge2000 Apr 20, 2011 2:59 PM Flag


    I just can't stand by & watch the biggest silver run-up in history go by while SLW flounders.

    SLW will now rocket up immediately to multiples of today's price because I sold it.

    I also sold my EXK & GDXJ. I just can't fight the U.S. Gubment anymore, especially when they are using my money to fight me.

    It is now crystal clear to me that silver as a currency will inexorably rise due to the underlying corruption, it cannot be contained. The PM miners on the other hand are a small enough market overall, (smaller than McDonalds alone), that they can be manipulated indefinitely.

    It is impressive that The Morgue, Goldman Sux,et al have discovered this method of covering their naked silver shorts.

    Crapcasa will be amused to discover that I have moved to AGQ.

    If you don't have the nerves to trade AGQ, you might want to take a hard look at GORO. GORO seems to be responding normally. The PTB have evidently not added it to their short list yet.

    Better to trade reality than ideology. Survive to fight another day!

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