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  • jermarge2000 jermarge2000 Apr 25, 2011 5:58 PM Flag

    Jesus Joseph and Mary

    The most widely misunderstood verse in the Bible "render unto caesar whats is Caesar's". Caesar's advocates were attempting to entrap Jesus. Do you think HE would have advocated obedience to caesar?

    What was it that caesar deserved to be rendered?

    What caesar obviously deserved for his actions was death.

    If something is repeated often enough, people will believe it.

    Better read the parable of the coins if you're under the impression that Christianity should be 'above' trading silver.


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    • Never have I heard so much self supporting drivel for the rules of commerce as an example, or parable, to teach not rewards on earth, but rewards in following the lead of the church. The lesson hints, do what you're told in the name of god, and you'll be rewarded on earth.

      The parable teaches, as tertiary history, do what you're told, and you're rewarded. It supports authoritarian lead-followship, by mixing apples and gonads--bribing the doer with riches as a fallout from doing what is told, using the attraction to money and riches to dupe goats to obeisence. The parable is meant to indicate being a good steward and doing what you're told by authority brings riches and rewards if you're obedient, and if so, you'll enjoy financial success, even that financial succss, is an indicator you're doing "it" right, namely selling your free will to the church.

    • The "render unto Caesar" line was put in by the King James scholars; it's not in the original Aramaic or Greek - and it was put in there simply because King James wanted to be able to collect taxes without so much fuss.

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