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  • commr51 commr51 Apr 30, 2011 6:17 PM Flag

    New Deals at These Levels?Randy Said No

    YDM, two things:

    (1) "Randy" only said no deals likely until things stabilize - no mentioned was made, nor need any inference be drawn, that a rapid decline or even any decline at all from present levels would be required. Indeed, a plateau coupled with nervousness that a drop MIGHT be imminent would be all it would take to get a few base metal miners make the right kind of deal.

    (2) I do not happen to share your view that dividends are bad, and in fact, what I would like to see is the company stockpile silver rather than cash (until the cash is needed) or better yet, giving the s/h the option of distributions in silver.

    But, of course, reasonable minds are entitled to differ!

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    • Sorry, but I respectfully disagree--everything has flipflopped--the Fed is transparent and the CEO's are speaking in tongues.

      I have been all over the technicals, and all point to a plateau once we reach $73 as the next target after fifty bucks, in the POS, but we have to get there and fifty is a nominal resistance point, even if it is only $22 in 1980 dollars, when silver last hit $50 and took a dive in some months thereafter.

      Over the weekend, silver has lost a little more than a dollar on profit taking in Mumbai India, where silver has been the poor man's gold amongst that gold loving community. Gold has resurged it's dominance, and that may spin the Indians back onto the silver warpath, but not Monday IMHO.

      Not exactly a bloodbath, but not exactly a positive spin either.

      Silver fair market value in this 2011 time frame is closer to $128 peak.

      But Rand-a-la is not going to make a deal that isn't beneficial to the company, and May may be that month.

      Again, if he waits to test the bottom line at about $43 to make a mine an offer they cannot refuse, we face a 10% retraction in share price followed by 10% dilution.

      Traders will scream, holders will yawn, and wait for the next degradation of the dollar. It won't be QE3, which to some is another headwind against the price of silver, but through real inflation that Bernookie won't be able to stop because he's tied to printing as a solution.

    • I like the idea of stock piling, as well as paying monthly dividends based on the price of silver, or silver equivalent ounces such as nat gas royalty trusts. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. They have the money and experience necessary. I also believe that they are committed to share holder value.

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