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  • bshirley1968 bshirley1968 May 10, 2011 7:30 PM Flag

    Supply observations

    The supply of silver eagles rolls is lower than I have ever seen them on Ebay. My friend bought two monster boxes from Monex on Friday and when I later talked to my broker buddy that we both use, he told me after the 2 monster box buy, three minutes later they received notification they were out......again. That is a big deal, people. Silver supply is short and demand is still up. I know all the cliche statements about things going up or down, over bought or over sold, what it takes for a top of a bottom, what is bullish or bearish, and so on. I am telling you this silver thing is a supply/demand story with the backdrop of a falling fiat currency. Look were we are today after the attack we have experienced and weathered. Buy the physical when you can. Play the paper to get more paper to buy the physical for the long haul.

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    • Just be sure to buy your physical in lots less than $10K in value, otherwise the seller has to report the transaction to the IRS. Physical gold and silver is taxed at the rate designated for collectibles when you sell it if you have held it for more than a year, which is f!ing 28%! I just found out that even your gains from ETFs like SLV are taxed at 28% instead of the normal capital gains rate which is 15%, but I think you would have to hold them for over a year as well. I would make sure not to hold any ETF for a period of 12 months or more before selling it just in case. You could always just sell it and buy it right back again to be safe.


      Anyway, if the economy goes hyperinflation your silver stockpile is going to go through the roof when valued in dollars, and since that value is what you would be taxed on when selling it the government is basically going to be taxing you for NOT losing money just by virtue of trying to preserve your wealth by storing it in silver. So even though the wealth you stored via silver might not buy you anymore than the day you bought the silver (assuming the decline in the value of the dollar were the only thing factored into the price of the silver and not supply limitations and other variables), you would be taxed as if it did. That is, unless you bought in quantities of less than $10K and the IRS didn't know how much silver you had. Just something to think about.

    • Even those not in the business now realize there is a true physical Ag shortage.

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