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  • ortiusny ortiusny Jun 4, 2011 5:00 PM Flag

    Is Hyperinflation coming to the US?

    Please weigh in. I think that the house of cards will fall in the next year. QE to perpetuity. They may call it something else but the result will be a declining dollar. The dollar will decline until the world starts dumping them and then our economy will grind to a halt. Great for our miners but terrible for the average American. People are stuck in their Normalcy Bias where it couldn't happen here. In fact it has already happened 2x in the US. Here comes number 3. Buy metals, miners, food, water, and don't forget guns. GLTA. Hopefully a much Stronger America will come out of this mess. Bottom line is the Politicians (both sides) have Bankrupted us.

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    • It seems Bill Gross was once agian told the plan ahead of time. He says the US will have 4% inflation from now on to pay off the debt.

    • I suspect that the outcome of present economic events will be far different than most folks would surmise.

      Start with this because it is the most difficult concept for sheep to surround. The Rothschild/Rockefeller bloodline, which includes all historic U.S. Presidents (even Obama through his mother) has amassed wealth of 4,000 trillion dollars. I know, I know, Gates & Slim are the worlds most wealthy, blah, blah. If you understand math and understand compounding interest, then you also understand that the new rich like Gates wouldn't make a pimple on people like Cecil Rhodes.

      Yes, Four Thousand Trillion, or 4 Quadrillion if you like. Let that sink in for a moment....

      All the noise and worry and baloney about our 14 Trillion dollar debt, and our national debt doesn't rise to the level of lunch money for these elite.

      I can offer some perspective from another angle, the USGS has recently updated their estimates for proven & probable reserves of oil in the U.S. to 3.3 trillion barrels. A mere $4/bbl tax on U.S. oil would wipe out our current account debt. We haven't yet mentioned U.S. timber, minerals, or the worlds largest & best crop producing regions.

      What we have here is a delusion. We are in the Matrix if you will. There is no substantial debt!

      What is happening here through misinformation, delusion, and slight of hand is that sheeple are being led down the primrose path toward an artificial default which will allow the elite to legally place the U.S. in receivership and incorporate us into a one world government over which they will maintain absolute control.

      I apologize for the rather long winded preface to the question of "will there be hyperinflation?"

      I think not. The elite have already psychologically prepared us for a U.S. payment default in the very near future. This will serve to accomplish their goal of achieving human constructed heaven on earth. At that point, most public and private debt will be forgiven so that we will stand in awe, and worship our european masters of the universe.

    • No QE3 until Ben says so, so look at the TIPS breakevens and the University of Michigan Inflation Expectation and other irrelvant and arcane academic BS as opposed to the reality on the street.

    • What economy will grind to a halt? If you have not noticed out economy has been shipped out of the country already. All that we have left is Wall St. fraud and war left as an economy.

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