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  • praise2younow praise2younow Jul 2, 2011 11:44 AM Flag

    AGQ, SLV, AND PSLV message boards gone

    Anyone have "the" legitimate reason why these boards were banned by the Yahoo?

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    • if intentional, it is pretty pathetic and reflects something far worse about our society than simply yahoo. one message board down, ok... this many? truly nonsensical. can only mean silver is down a few dollars next week.

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      • Seriously if they think Yahoo message boards have something to do with silver speculation, I think we have some seriously deluded people trying to find anything to blame for a bankrupt elitist world government agenda. Can you spell d-e-s-p-e-r-a-t-e ?

      • Or many dollars.... How about SLV itself? If negative news were to impact SLV shareholders, think they might want to discuss it? They have blocked that avenue of communication by closing the message board, not just for SLV, but for all the silver bullion message boards. To me, this does not bode well AT ALL.

      • It does smack of government intervention. One of two possibilities come to mind. One is the second Greek bailout, currently in the works, will include some kind of haircut for bond holders. This will be disguised by a sleight of hand redirect with some new jargon added, and there will be immediate discussions of whether it constitutes a "credit event", i.e. effective default. In other words, "they", the global financial chieftains will try to avoid a black and white default or no-default scenario that would spook currency markets. They might believe such an scenario could be triggered by digital media, just as revolutions are being triggered by such in various parts of the Middle East. They want to avoid the perception that a default has occured, which could cause massive buying of gold and silver contracts, triggering an inflationary event.

        The second possibility is that the default scenario will be avoided by continued Chinese buying of Euros. This seems more likely as it will force the dollar down further, which is just fine with the Fed. The only fly in the ointment is again, inflation triggered by buying of gold and silver as a hedge against further dollar destruction. The constant drumbeat of "take deliver" and "risk of Comex default" may actually be seen as presenting a risk for a run on PMs thus again triggering massive inflation in food and energy prices.

    • Info that yahoo does not want to go out

      on msg. boards and they been doing that for

      yrs per shutting down boards. Dj.

    • Ask yahoo and see if you get the answer. Yeah, right...

      Step back and think outside the box to see what could be up.

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