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    • If anybody wants to find out about the left then they should go to a left leaning site and see what they are advocating. Don't go to a right wing propaganda site to see what they say the left wants.

    • thanks - I knew Max broadcasts from overseas. I'll check out Hudson

    • His report is twice a week. Usually but not always Monday and Tuesday. He is not allowed on US TV. You have to Google Keiser Report. Yahoo won't let me post it here. Also Google Michael Hudson. He is a professor of economics who also spent time on Wall St. and knows how thinhs are run.

    • I’ve watched him occasionally. Where is his website; I suppose I can simply Google it? But I seen several of his broadcasts and the man has been dead on in his analysis of events, the economy, etc. I also enjoy his style. What he says just crystallizes what I already have perceived, know and or believe. But he gives such observations credence and backs them up and that’s helpful for me. I suppose he has new reports daily or weekly but once you know what up, you know. More details aren’t always that necessary. Of course these folks here are watching Hannity or if he’s gone then another right wing demonizing fear monger. It’s just more ugliness and ignorance and permeates Yahoo and most of the internet. The Sheeple/Fox Worshippers here will never wake up. If they do it will be in the middle of an irreversible cataclysm. I feel like we are in an historical cycle much like the Dark Ages and talking to peasants who believe in witches and vampires, etc. Malleable minds whom you can’t present facts to. Instead of 0Vampires and Witches it’s Liberals (or their juvenile Libertards), Democrats, Leftists, Socialists; none of them have the foggiest idea of what is any of those concepts are really about.They just parrot what they’ve heard on FOX. They’re a lot like Nazis and Fascists that were molded by fear propaganda like Hitler used on the Germans. The Bottomline is their fear has been appealed to and they are extremely afraid and it’s therefore so easy to get them into Scapegoating mode. The Right Wings think tanks have done a good job of figuring out how to factionalize their fears. Divide and conquer. And they are very angry and they are afraid that an African American is President. Oh man do they have a dozy of a Scapegoat there.

      As for what Bush, and Paulson did with the fractional reserve system and the still swept under the rug Derivatives Crisis, the FED, the PPT and the sanctioned insider trading and naked shorting. That just disappeared from the news; they’re never going to grasp the hoodwinking and robbery that was done to them nor that that a banking Oligarchy has got them focusing on Liberals or Dems or whatever instead of focusing on how they are cutting off their noses to spite their faces by siding with the right wing's think tanks cartoon representatives. i,e Palin, Bachman, etc. Theyve been totally set up and they've bought into the lie.

      And then they go to church where they speak of, " do unto others as you would have others do onto you" and "I am my brother's keeper." Hard to believe they are such hypocrites. And they don't see it.

      Yeah I believe in MK and More!

    • Another way is to turn the clock back to 1970. Back then corporations duty was to provide for the good of society before making a profit. Revoke the corporate license of any corp. that ships jobs overseas. Tax imports to create a level field. This country was built of import taxes.

    • >> "How about we up the GDP? Put people to work. Get the factories humming. Production Production Production" <<

      There are two possible ways that could happen.

      First, cut the wages of the american worker, get rid of unions and slash medical benefits. If the labor cost of the american worker was on par with chinese workers (and others), U.S. corporations would likely move many of the jobs back.
      In some cases, jobs stay here at higher labor costs because high tech manufacturing equipment compensates. I've been in manufacturing long enough to see both situations: Low tech jobs go away; high tech jobs stay here. Labor costs are often a large part of the unit cost so cheap labor is an important factor to achieve competitive pricing.

      Second, get the uncertainty of ever changing government regulations and mandates out of the picture. My neighbor manages an invetstment fund. We talked recently. He has also been an investment banker for years. He said he has analyzed the business plans and balance sheets of several hundred companies in the last couple years. He has only invested in a few. Why? They are all paralyzed to inaction by the current administration because they have no idea what to expect next. They refuse to hire because they cannot know with reasonable certainty what that new empolyee will cost them, so they do nothing. What he hears from many CEOs is that they don't care if the Dems or the Repubs are in power. They just want an administration to tell them exactly what they are going to do and then do it. That's not happening with OBAMA! They can't stand this administration and will not hire under the current situation. Fix that and hiring will resume. They are content to sit on piles of cash until the situation changes and is predictable.

    • tburke, buying decisions are driven by a wide range of motivations. You might lump most of them under the heading of "value". However, "value" has individual meaning. Value is a summary of things like price, availability, durability, fit and finish, name recognition, fad and fashion, and a host of other things. Every purchase is driven at some level by the buyers personal perception of "value". Imported goods began to be a better value when they started meet buyers personal perceptions at a lower cost than U.S. made goods. I would argue strongly that the key driver behind the massive change to imported goods is the consumer. So called Big Corporations accomodated that because consumers demanded it. Corporations found that if they could find a quality supplier of a gizmo at a lower price, they could better satisfy the consumers' quest for value and stay in business, and, perhaps even make a bit more money besides.

      By the way, the owners of big corporations are the stockholders.

      Also wondering how "the government puts money into the economy so people can buy imported products". That statement really has me baffled.

    • I am thinking of the balance of trade. Big corporation want to import cheap products for higher profits. When money goes out of the US is has to be replaced. So the government puts money into the economy so people can buy imported products making owners of big corporations richer.

    • I am thinking of 100 trillion or so in unfunded liabilities, and printing money which devalues the currency which equals a disproportionate taking from those who had USD in the first place.

      What are you thinking? Nevermind.

    • Obama only talks out of the left side of his mouth. All his actions are to the right.

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