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  • wazzup92 wazzup92 Jul 28, 2011 9:28 AM Flag

    The System is NOT Broken

    The "System" is not compromise. It is separation of power. When one gets too much power the others need to offset not compromise.

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    • No the separation of power in the three branches of government defines duties and responsibilities, and the courts are the last resort. All of these are endgame vehicles that define a decade long process of vote it wrong, judicate it right, that has never been part of day to day operations.

      Day to day operations of government WITHIN the legislature is the field where compromise of law in the making happens, not gut fight the process into a dysfuntional muddle and hope the courts provide the ultimate right answer. Nothing ever gets done that way, and was never part of the day to day requirement of the legislative branch, to require judicial review of law or administration.

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      • You must have failed American government.

        The "process" is supposed to be unwieldy, slow to move, full of conflict and disagreement. In fact gridlock was the thought of the day - gridlock so that no fanciful legislation could easily get through the process.

        Of course, the Founders didn't count on political parties evolving into what they are now and they didn't foresee the treachery of the bankers even though they had Hamilton to acquaint them with it.

        Without the debt money mechanism would we be where we are today - in grievous trouble?

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