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  • shausser719 shausser719 Sep 11, 2011 10:31 AM Flag

    Why we should bring the troops home

    Ten years have passed since the atrocity (not tragedy) of 9-11 and we are losing the war more than ever. BTW, we were never winning. GWB's nonsense of a relgion of peace only to be exponentially outdone by Barack Hussein Obama, a former Muslim at best.

    We still lack the courage to define the enemy therefore we can never win - see Sun Tsu. The enemy is anybody that follows the teachings and commands of the evil Muhammad. That's right, any and everybody who follows the command, among other commands, of Muhammad to convert, kill, subjugate or enslave ALL non believers WHENEVER possible. In all of relgiosity there is nobody comparable to Muhammad. Hitler envied him for his use of some deity called Allah in his ideology. Winston Churchill was quick to realized the Islamic texts, the Koran included, were more wicked and evil than Mein Kampf.

    His followers, known as Muslims, flow into our once great nation in increasing and record numbers infiltrating all of our institutions, miltary and academia included. I have chosen to never submit to Muhammad. How about you?

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    • And John McCain was selected by the Council on Foreign Relations, but he isn't a 'natural born citizen' either.

    • Then let's blow the mothafukkas up with a few well placed nukes and be done with it.

      Decades of fist fights house to house are insanity.

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      • Sure it’s a lousy war. But it is the best war we have. A lot of profit for big corporations that pay no tax but donate politically depends upon this war. The military top brass and Pentagon Officials like this war. So now there is John McCain and you, a couple of old fogies, who want to end the war. But nobody with the power to do so wants to end this war.

    • shausser,

      What really irks me is how America has to go out of its way to appease the Muslim peoples when they say nothing about the evil that perpetuates their own religion in this the 21 Century. Yes pat down Grandma and that 6 year old screaming child while a Nigerian man goes jaunting all over the U.S. on false documents. Something is terribly wrong here. There is NOTHING wrong with profiling. Everyone does it in everyday life.

      Another thing I'm mad as hell about. What the hell are we doing letting ANY Middle Easterners immigrate into the United States for? Can't we see what has happened to Europe? Do we wait until a nuclear device or dirty bomb explodes in one of America's cities?

      I really don't care what religion anyone practices. It's meaningless to me until that person declares our country the infidels and declare Jihad against us. Now to these nitwits who were so excited about the Arab Spring and a budding Democracy. FOOLS. The Muslim Brotherhood has been brainwashing their children for decades (Saudi Money) and nobody could figure out the consequences. The Arab countries have always had dictators and dictators favourable to the west was in our best interest. That clock is clicking closer to Midnight all the time due to Azzhole politicians whose ONLY concern is getting reelected.

      And please don't label me a Zionist as I am often critical of Israel. Just consider who is the greater threat to mankind and to the U.S.

    • I'm keeping my options open at this moment. Get use to wars, everytime a oil country mentions oil for gold, we're going to rush in. Got to protect that almighty dollar.

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