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  • xraythrives xraythrives Sep 14, 2011 3:46 PM Flag

    Conspiracy kooks and liberals....

    Not a whole lot of difference between them the way I see it. 89% according to my research, of people who buy into these nutty conspiracy theories are liberals.

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    • You tell 'em Mr. Sheeple.

      The 911 Truthers are just like those stupid conspiracy theorists who thought Bush was lying about the WMDs in Iraq.

      Hohoho, I wonder if armed drones can reach 6500 ft. I bet they can.

    • In my research, 100% of the people that make such assertions are simply stupid.

    • You're probably right. I just have to convince myself that all politicians, business execs and media people are decent, honest, righteous, moral, upright, concerned citizens. Oh yeah, I can buy that...along with preferring horsemeat to beef steak.


      PS - Try this, then let's talk:

    • Hey Xray, yes people have their opinions but let me ask you if you are invested in gold or silver? If the answer is yes, then I have to ask you why? Don't you trust that the government has our best interests in mind and that inflation is actually as low as they say it is or that the Fed Reserve is a good thing?
      Now I would like to ask you if you actually research companies that you hear of from others to do your own diligence? If you don't, I would say that not doing so is incredibly irresponsible. Likewise, why do you put down those who actually question the 9-11 commission report? I actually was on your side until I learned about building 7. Its obvious to me after doing research and not just trusting our government report that building 7 could not have fallen without help of a demolition team. Most structural engineers would agree with me.... and Im not even a structural engineer. Another words, you don't need to be a weather man to know which way the wind is blowing.
      Have a great day

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      • Hell no I don't trust the Government. But just knowing what would have been involved in man-hours, resources, and material to implode BOTH world trade centers floor by floor is ALL I need to know it is a whole bunch of bull hunks!!

        For icing on the BS cake, let's delve into the part of keeping ALL THOSE people quiet about the operation that would be the greatest mass murder of all time.

        Most people are unaware of just how much would be involved in wiring a building that massive for implosion, but this second one should be obvious to one and all.

        Then I have authoritative research from popular mechanics. For god's sake the nuts even tried to claim that they had people on the inside working for the government.

        And as for building 7, I only have one question. After dropping the two massive twin towers which (most) everyone knew were brought down by collision and fire, what would be the point of dropping that tiny (in comparison) little building 7? That would be like doing the grand finale at a large fireworks show, then lighting off a pack of blackcat firecracker.

        I do not trust the FED either. Whom by the way all have large holdings in gold. Isn't that great to be in a position to make the currency worthless and get rich at the same time?

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