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    I will be in to see you later today with some no salt candy. If you don't know it by now this guy knows how to pick winning stocks. He sometimes manages my account. On THU/27, he added MGN {Mines Management} up 30 percent on FRI/28. {Stillwater Mining} SWC on THU/27 up 25 percent on FRI/28. SODA up 15 percent. There is an article on SODA - a million dollar investment. There are two reports on EXEL. PZG is rising. He owns currency trading and then he gives his profits away to others.

    I have not been a banker for a good while. Don't pick on me for that.

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    • On a local radio broadcast (also national) a doctor comes on from time to time and mentions the good outcomes from those who use circumin (turmeric) as a seasoning or as available in health food stores. It is a well known spice from India and can be found in most markets that sell ethnic foods. It is easily recognized by its bright yellow color. The doctor’s claim is that almost all human maladies exhibit as inflammatory responses. Circumin (or turmeric) is said to have a positive affect on reducing inflammation. Tinnitis is said to be reduced if this perfectly safe and mild spice from India is added to the diet because of its anti-inflammatory properties. A brief browser search putting the words “tinnitus” and “inflammation” together seems to connect the two for this malady.

      Circumin is very inexpensive. Right off the bat that should be something to take notice of because there is no incentive for drug companies or the medical community to show any interest in it.

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      • Just aabout all the spices had their medicinal value in ancient times. Without refrigeration and fresh vegtables they were needed. Illnesses were thought to be caused by evil spirits so the spice was thought to ward off the evil spirit. Cumin is a main ingredient of a good curry. I have always eaten cumin and it has never helped my Tinnitus.

      • MD Anderson has carried out research with Curcumin to reduce swelling. Don't know if they still carry the research study on their site.

        India has a very low incidence of Alzheimer's and it is thought that it is perhaps because of the consumption of curcumin in their daily diet.

        First read about it in Scientific America 2007 maybe but there are many studies that were published in the late 90's as I recall giving a housekeeper some curcumin brought from Singapore for a swollen knee problem. Did not help as it takes weeks to start feeling the results.

        Curcumin can be purchased in health stores in the form of capsules in the event you don't like the flavor - bitter.

    • Sir, this is how it works. This information is on willing, this will work for you!

    • Hi Newscentral,this is the link....a little outdated perhaps but still, I am betting, an effective therapy. This will not mask the tinnitus, but eradicate it. He is using the same tapes that I purchased. Casettes are better than anything you can get on CD as the frequency needs to be high and digital does not seem to be able to handle that range. Also, the type of casette player needs to be able to handle the range as well. I have an Aiwa. It sound very complicated but it's not. You can go about your business all day and still play the tapes. Does not have to be loud. You can drive with them, sleep with them even. Not intrusive or uncomfortable at all. Does not have to be "active" listening, but "passive".

    • I don't mean to intrude on a guy's personal business. However, News has been great to everyone. I don't konw if there is a way to get me his address, I would like to send that guy food, flowers, or something else he would really like. From everything I have read over the last couple of year. I think what a great guy. Hell, If I could find a way to just get rid of his Tenitis I am sure he would be happy. Pleas let me know.


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