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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Oct 31, 2011 12:05 PM Flag

    World on Verge of New Jobs Recession

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    • Thank God, that means the old Jobs recession is over right? Can't have a new job recession unless the old one ends and the old one was nasty. Hopefully the new jobs recession will be much milder and shorter in duration. By the way...when did the old jobs recession end? I must have missed it.

    • It is amazing that the ILO is quoted in this link. Where has “labor” been since 1913. Just banging around at the edges of the problem and never coming out to target the source. Apparently labor leaders as well have seen that “inflation” is beneficial to them, since it gives them a reason for being labor “leaders”.

      There have been a few real public spirited political leaders in the United States that have actually strenuously pointed out that the Federal Reserve is THE problem. Looking back to the passing of the Federal Reserve Act one of its main opponents was Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh (the father of the aviator). Presently we have Congressman Ron Paul, whom the media is desperately demonizing at the behest of the banksters.

      Apparently it is quite easy to brain-wash populations into thinking that placing dead politicians on pieces of paper circulating as money is a substitute for the real thing. Fortunately there are still a few who are not so naïve, per the following link:

      tinyurl com/anOCCUPIERSstatments (replace the space with a “.” on the address line for access)

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      • But Henry Cabot Lodge, on the issue of the Federal Reserve Act, said, “...I had hoped to support this bill...”. He goes on to say that he could not. This guy was wishy-washy from the start, unlike Lindbergh who saw clearly that it was an evil corrupt bankster take-over. But what otherwise should be expected from a Massachusetts politician. We are at a point in history where anger and fury should be expressed by the opponents of the corrupt Federal Reserve System, and not the niceties of the Beltway. Unfortunately the media, politicians and regulators appear to be captured by the banksters.

        Further, because of Lindbergh’s opposition to the Federal Reserve Act he was physically attacked on the House Floor by the Bill’s supporters. This information comes by way of a verbal statement made in an interview with Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr., who was interviewed a few years ago in a radio broadcast. Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr’s story is a story in itself, as he claims to be the kidnapped son of Lindbergh, the aviator. Physical features resembling his father and a matching birth defect are part of his proof, but the Lindbergh family refuses to provide DNA evidence to disprove his claims. However, he has had brief contacts with the family and it is perhaps in this way that he learned of the attack on his Grandfather prior to passage of the Federal Reserve Act. There is no corroborating historical evidence that can be found on the Internet to this claim, however, so take it for what it’s worth. Either that history has been sanitized from the record, or it is untrue. But there can be no doubt that there must have been significant bribery and/or pressure by the banksters of the politicians of the day to see that passage was successful.

        Your post was most informative, and a keeper. Interestingly McFadden seems to have missed the part that Lindbergh played as part of the opposition. But he does seem to have experienced the sort of attack known to be typical of thugs and criminals ensconced in positions of political power as mentioned at the end of your post, and as those mentioned above on Lindbergh,. Or maybe it was the difference in years from 1912 to 1934 that caused Lindbergh’s name to be omitted.

        On your comment, “Let's not forget that others holding elective office have pointed out the The Federal Reserve IS THE PROBLEM.” The “others” you speak about are long gone. We need many more like them CURRENTLY to undo the generational damage that continues. Ron Paul, for example, gets nothing but disdain from media talking heads, and stands out as almost the lone example of someone who would actually take on the task of removing the private Federal Reserve Banking System as the Government’s bank.

        But the People are waking up, as follows:

        tinyurl com/anOCCUPIERSstatments (replace the space with a “.” on the address line for access)

      • Let's not forget that others holding elective office have pointed out the The Federal Reserve IS THE PROBLEM.

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