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  • silverwriter888 silverwriter888 Nov 5, 2011 8:01 PM Flag

    Bart Chilton: "There is manipulation in the Silver Market"

    Chilton's a government regulator who sort of regulates---a little. Seems the rest are worthless, especially Gensler. But if you want proof of manipulation compare that item to this
    It's pathetic how little attention this documentary has received from the "leaders" of the long PM community. It isn't about money. It's all free access, and it was researched to protect YOUR private property rights to own PM's! It's also about the ego trip some people are on that they ignore this!

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    • These links are totally on the mark “silverwriter888”, as far as who should have the unquestioned right to own PMs.

      As posted before, it should not be legal for banks to own PMs. They can store it for customers and charge a fee for doing so, but until they are forced to disgorge their holdings in exchange for people presenting USD fiat currency to them nothing will change. The only non-individual holdings of PMs, in the form of coinage, that can legally be held are for industrial/manufacturing uses where such users have been granted a license to do so. This applies to PM ETFs as well which could continue to operate as long as there is investor demand, but their storage should be only in the form of PM coinage. Mines and smelters would present their output to the US Mint, as provided by the US Constitution to be returned to them as coinage. This would serve as payment for payroll and all costs associated with their operations. In this way, in a very short period of time, the country and its people would possess honest money again.

      Any are welcome to criticize this approach, but there don’t seem to be many others fronting their own, with the exception of what the links in this topic display, to again bring back the gold/silver/copper standard. We, the People, are being robbed because the banks, the super rich, governments and the politicians hold most of the real money and throw us a bone in the form of paper currencies.

    • Whats the bottom line?? Is silver now a good investment or not? Thanks!

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