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  • newscentral2002 newscentral2002 Nov 21, 2011 1:43 AM Flag

    Top ten illusions: as America sleeps

    Because of mind control, a decent honest person such as Ron Paul may never be elected President. It is easy to tear down a good person with intelligent meaningful caring thoughts and have others follow. The only thing that I like about Cramer's fast money show is where at the beginning it is announced "they know nothing."

    Either people let their minds be controlled or their minds are completely closed due to a million factors, in which all of them is " me first."

    A good study of this is compared to the way people drive their cars and drive thru red lights. Driving on the streets is no different than a message board. You don't know the other person unless you care to notice their driving skills and considerate driving manners.

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    • Another example is when DJ mentioned that he gets panic attacks. I (do not recall who) because my mind is trained to let that kind of stuff go. I do recall that they related it to stress and such with investing. Then more and more started to pile on with the same thoughts. I posted a site for him to check out - given to me by a doctor. I did not judge DJ, I showed that I cared. He later said that he started getting them since he was seven. I really like DJ, so the best logic is sometimes not to apply opinions or irrational reasoning.

      I try not to get involved with irrational argumentation on this board unless I feel strong about the person's morality, and manifesting ability to take advantage of other people.

      I have said that I have degrees in economics and recently posted that many in this field work for special interest such as banks and the Goverment. Many who write articles also work for special interests. I had said that my degrees in logic are worth 10 times more and it really helps with my investing. Common sense logic is character and many people just don't have it in our world.

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