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  • investorzzo investorzzo Nov 20, 2011 3:59 PM Flag

    CME raise margins again!


    Margin hikes again at CME/Gold and silver rebuff attacks/Big lawsuit filed against banks on MFGlobal scandal

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    • like that will go anywhere.just like the jpeeee silver lawsuits......keep dreaming,this system is crooked from the top down....americans are ok with massive fraud,keep supplying their bread and circuses,they look the other way.

    • Can't find anything about the CME raising margins this weekend.

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      • Yahoo doesn't want you to become too informed. This is their way of preventing it.

        Just put a period wherever there is a space in the link and you'll get to the webpage.

        Links have to be posted that way because otherwise the message may get deleted. Sometimes it's not the case, but the reason has never been clear why some do and some don't post. A workaround seems to be to use tinyurl's. Even with these the link has to be disguised by putting space between the website and "com".

    • The banksters see increased valuations for the POG as a mortal danger. The natives are becoming quite restless (OWS, and such) and considering drastic measures so weakening them economically can be ascribed to “threat reduction”. Unfortunately for them they’ll never be able to get sufficient downside to achieve the results they’re looking for.

      Criminals always face justice ultimately, but not as quickly as most would like. The probability is that justice this time around will be more severe than most imagine, even though through most of this country’s history the banksters have emerged relatively untouched, time and again, and able to expand on their criminal empires. However, their theft has now reached enormous proportions globally.

      Incidentally, your link has access to an interesting Bank Failure Map.

    • CME gansters playing their last hand of cards.

      Bring it on fiat knuckle heads!


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      • They have plenty of ammo though. However, I think that the more they pull this crap, the less it will affect the POS which is great. They just stole a crap load of gold and silver from customers at MF Global. Guys like Celente got reamed up the rear from the Goldie Boys on this one. These guys are brilliant thieves. They make the founders of the Federal Reserve look like knuckleheads!lol

      • They are all gansters - from Wall Street to Washington D.C. streets.

        Wall Street, the Big Banks and the Exploiters in Corporate America and Washington D.C. have caused our citizens to lose their investments, retirement and pension funds, their home equity, their homes, their living wages, a lack of revenue to fund our infrastructure - and JOBS! Yet, not one of the greedy barons have gone to jail for their deliberate fraudulent activities - not one.

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