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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Dec 5, 2011 4:34 AM Flag

    fake unemployment drops

    “...There is nothing wrong, at least intrinsically, with corporations. ...”

    There definitely IS something wrong when corporations are regarded with the same characteristics as individuals, and are treated as such. This gives them exceptional powers when pitted against each of us. That is why they are so dangerous in the political arena as only their needs/wants are addressed because of the funding it represents to politicians. The Founders spoke to this danger, in particular Thomas Jefferson. Corporations, in the main, band together through PACs (Political Action Commitees) to forward those candidates they favor and get special interest legislation. Individuals rarely engage in this sort of combined effort, and if they do such things as the OWS movement arise. This, in turn, is vigorously opposed by central banking interests which are at the heart of our current financial difficulties. This, perhaps, is what you meant, or was it?

    When power resides in each of us, individually, without unwarranted government intrusion, it unleashes human creativity and progress. Otherwise it becomes concentrated, as mentioned above, limits individual capabilities and leads to decreased prosperity overall.

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