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  • newscentral2002 newscentral2002 Dec 10, 2011 3:37 PM Flag

    Newscentral (PZG)


    Educatedguess: I hope that PZG does not fall to 2 a share. If it does others will fall too. PZG has both silver and gold mines. If it fall to 2, then both gold and silver will be hit hard.

    Read the headlines on their Yahoo finance page. Read the Market Wire articles.

    Then go their website. Tag on to "Corporate" and then "Board of Directors". The CEO is a M&A specialist. Also a Director named John Carden PH.D in geology is one of the best in his field ever.

    Surveys are due in a couple of weeks and others to follow early next year. Some data and estimates are available now.

    If you like the company after research, I consider only a hundred shares as I always say when I post an issue that I like. If it goes to 7-9 on survey results or is taken over - you will make 500 dollars. If if falls you may lose 50 bucks.

    I have not research the other stock that you mentioned yet.

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    • news, PZG holding nicely despite retracement in Gold & Silver. Today they announced more findings as well. You are correct, this one is going to do well next yr. The only question left is the cash they have on hand, it can probably take them to middle of next yr before they need more financing, any opinion on that?

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      • Yes. I researched that issue in detail.

        They have two lines of credit to draw on. NG is no where as good as a first stage company and NG stock price is 10. It may take NG ten years to open.

        PXG also mentioned that they can get infusion from other concerns. I don't know who they are, but I believe one may be GROW.

        The CEO is a top notch M&A fund equity specialist. PZG is close to the top of M&A newsletters that I receive. They have a strong team of directors and consultants in business and geology. Many with Ph.Ds. They may have the strongest team in the business.

        Their geo studies on veins show outstanding core drills and strong evidence for expanded sites. They own 650 acres in Mexico. That a lot of land in Don Ese North within San Miguel.

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