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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Dec 16, 2011 12:59 PM Flag

    Yahoo’s definition of “Treason”

    Because of the difficulty in posting replies to the Topic, “Treason”, those on the side of liberty should be fully aware of what those who moderate this message board consider it to be, which is polar a opposite to what a growing number of US citizens consider it to be.

    If you think this is off topic take a look at any US silver coins and note that the word “Liberty” is imprinted thereon.

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    • Try this: Some webpages are created using JavaScript. If your browser doesn't have JavaScript enabled, these types of webpages - even to copy will not display correctly on Yahoo. Also what browser are you using? Is it current and do you use Mozilla or Google Chrome?

      Microsoft Internet Explorer is best for Yahoo. You will never have a problem posting with an Apple.

      To enable JavaScript with Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher on Microsoft Windows:

      1.Select Tools | Internet Options.
      2.Select Security.
      3.Click Custom Level.
      4.Find Scripting in the settings list and select Enable for Active Scripting.
      5.Scroll down and select Enable for Scripting of Java Applets.
      6.Click OK twice to close the settings window.
      7.Quit and then re-open Internet Explorer.

    • Knowing that messages get "rerouted, I've gotten into the habit of copying the longer ones for pasting and multiple attempts to post. There are still times that after six attempts I must tweak my work, sometimes more than once, to get it to go up on the message boards that I frequent.

    • Moses. "even in instances of cutting and pasting my own work..."

      If you use paste with a long text, hit the "preview message". Change a keystoke. Then preview message a second time.

    • No matter...I'm just saying that there are times, even in instances of cutting and pasting my own work, that Yahoo repeatedly dispatches the electrons into the aether rather than presenting them here (or elsewhere).

    • Oohay-financeboardsarecensored

    • Did they contact you? I don't understand the problem. I started the topic and posted in the thread with no difficulties.

      Who is your ISP?

      • 1 Reply to moses_on_wall_street
      • Let’s just say that the ISP is in the Philippines, whereas previously it was local. It’s the same-old-same-old in the Untied States. Corporations are screwing us blind. They are charging more, providing less in all aspects of their services/products and increasing their compensation to the top 1% as well because to them this is becoming “lean and mean”. They no longer even have a stateside phone number for anything related to communications between themselves and customers.

        What this smacks of, in visual terms, is a YouTub video of the OWS movement a month or so ago on a street in the financial district of New York with financial executives on balconies at one of the large investment houses literally sneering at the protestors below while holding glasses of champagne in hand.

        Is the issue on this topic with the ISP, or Yahoo? Who knows? The tendency here is to point at Yahoo since they are just as much to blame for the same outsourcing practices to people who have no concept of what this country is about, in terms of the Constitutional principles many are demanding a return to, and could care less, because to them it is no more than an impediment to their one-world view. This does not answer your question, specifically, because these practices have become ubiquitous. The tendency to blame Yahoo is because the posts always fail when the “Post Message” button is selected and never during anything leading up to it, and never on non-Yahoo message boards.

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