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  • newscentral2002 newscentral2002 Dec 22, 2011 8:12 PM Flag

    Screaming Buy

    Amobear: How are you? The land holdings and long term leases for PZG are worth 5.25 a share alone. The assay results keep improving. They have 565,000 arces just in Mexico. Their are several interested parties, but the shorts do not know nothing.

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    • I'm doing great News! Thanks for asking. Glad you made it out of the hospital alive! Those places can be scary. I've been following a lot of your recent posts- great information. Glad to hear PZG is worth at least $5 regardless of silver price. I'm sitting on PZG and SVM but I sold my large SLW position to take advantage of what I hope will be a significant opportunity in WG. It is trading close to 52 week lows and I think all the bad news is baked in.

      News, what are your thoughts on the potential lows for silver?

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      • Amobear: Back to you. "News, what are your thoughts on the potential lows for silver?"

        Europe is not the end of the world. The GNP and GDP of all of Central Europe is like the states of California and Florida. Look at California. Food stamps and welfare everywhere. Our country nationwide is in crisis.

        My ex firm hired a consultant that had quit his position with George S. He was a currency, gold and silver expert. He told me that I knew more than him, except for one thing. He said that George had repeated this to his staff everyday. It was "know the players."

        That was over 25 years ago. He said to flow chart from newspapers - people's opinions. Now we have the internet. If you flow chart views from all the biggest names on the net who work for banks, government or websites - PM and currency sites - you will notice a pattern. Why would someone in the word press, write an article that many of us would read knocking down silver - like PM sites. It is because they play it themselves from both ends.

        My flow charting tells me that we could be near a bottom for the time being. I use all sort of programs and tech stuff, but I always have reasons to place what stuff in my top five for the day or for a longer period. Since we dropped so much, flow charting the players is in my top five right now. It would be in my top 5 if we had a strong spike up over a short period of time.

        Coin dealers buy low and sell high and so do all the players. Everyone is a player.

        I am trading currencies and typing on two key pads, so forgive me for mistakes.

    • Shorts are doing very well with PZG and will continue to do well with that dog, it has done nothing but down,down, down. It will go below $2 a share soon and that's more of a reality than 5.25. SLW, AUQ, and RIC are the real deal and worth talking about than that piece of garbage called PZG. PZG was an excellent short at $4 and no need to cover shorts.

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