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    • Changing the subject?

    • The domestic economy is in decline beacause of the cheap imports from China that put US workers out of work.

    • >> Nowhere in that statement do you make a distinction or restriction to domestic economy. Nowhere did I make such a distinction. Now you are changing the argument. <<

      That is absurd. What other economy could we possibly be addressing here? The conversation erupted from the story about the domestic economy showing signs of decline and I asked how that will be treated after the Christmas holidays when the part timers are laid off, all the returns are made,and we resume the economic decline fostered by the fraud money system.

      You might want to have your radio looked at.

    • There is nothing in the constitution that gives power to corporations, makes them citizens or gices them a right to exist. There is nothing in the constitution that says this is a capitalistic country.

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      • The way I learned the role of government versus economic systems is, the object of capitalism is leave one firm standing as the "winner" of the competition, and the role of government was to act as spoiler so that one firm too big to fail would not enslave us all.

        The problem is the calculus of one firm standing has been denigrated to one sector with too few competitors left standing, and we missed the boat on that issue.

        We have confused tyranny and dictatorship with economic systems for nearly one hundred years, because the role of dictator also led to the ownership of the means of business. Although intertwined, the example of the Red Chinese with their one freedom of the marketplace, blows that mythology sky high.

        Our freedom costs us time, the same time we're spending having this discussion. Our Chinese friends are not distracted from their attention to the spoils of the marketplace, they don't have that luxury.

        And until we understand that, they're going to clean our clocks. The one thing we have they do not have is the genius of innovation. That they steal, right now.

        From us.

        And we need to protect and capitalize on our innovation, or we're going to have our clocks cleaned.

        How far are the Chinese behind us? The favorite cars of the middle class Chinese are the Volvo and the Buick Regal GS.

        Those are forty to fifty THOUSAND dollar cars.

        Do you get my meaning, or am I being too obtuse?

      • >> There is nothing in the constitution that says this is a capitalistic country. <<

        Don't you realize that the truth that you've displayed for all to read is that there is no federal power to monkey with the economy...NONE?!?!?!

        The one thing they are charged with that demonstrates the colossal failure of the "modified" non-constitutionally adherent federal government is the fact that we no longer have the mandated republican form of government. It has been superceded by the oligarchical monstrosity that a growing number of Americans are sick of, but don't understand what's going on. The media trumpets the paradigms of left vs. right, democrat vs. republican and it is not in the mindset that the people must reach to first, recognize the problem, and two, do something about it.

        Actually, in my opinion, OWS was a weaving first step in that direction, but it wasn't focused on the underlying problem and instead was more symptom oriented and thus doomed to not accomplish much.

    • Cool! thanks.
      I served the Viet Nam war as a infantryman.
      But I support Ron Paul on economic principles.
      Poloticians can kick the can down the road till they
      run out of road. The best way to get a recovery is
      to have a major downturn that we deserve for our
      bad practices. Sooner would be better than later.

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