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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Jan 8, 2012 3:21 PM Flag

    You look like you need a break

    Hmmm! Let’s see now.
    Officer DonutHole: Knock, Knock. (door opens) I’m Federal Officer DonutHole. Turn around please and put your hands behind your back.

    Joe SixPack: What’s this about?

    Officer DonutHole: Just do as you’re told.

    Joe SixPack: I want to call my lawyer!

    Officer DonutHole: That won’t be possible. And besides I’m about to retire with a very generous Federal pension which I have no inclination to jeopardize.

    Joe SixPack: Why won’t you tell me at least something about why you are taking me away?

    Officer DonutHole: You’ve been determined to be an enemy of the State

    Joe SixPack: Enemy of the State? I haven’t done anything!

    Officer DonutHole: We know you are part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Come with me.

    (Short struggle ensues with Officer DonutHole and his back-up team.)

    Six months later Joe SixPack peers through the bars of his cell in Crapistan, black and blue from his last beating, to confess to all his contacts and to divulge his participation at OWS.
    With all due respect to James B. Singleton, he could very well be an exception. It only takes a few rogue officers to disrespect the US Constitution in order to imprison the Joe SixPacks the govmt doesn’t like.

    What would YOU do in Joe SixPacks situation knowing what was in store for you?

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