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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Jan 8, 2012 6:30 PM Flag

    Why They're Fascists Part 1

    Why They're Fascists

    Once upon a time (back in 1994), Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum
    pretended to believe in freedom. I'd even hold out the remote
    possibility that to some extent, they really did almost believe in
    freedom. So, assuming they weren't completely lying from the
    beginning (a big assumption), why are they being war-mongering,
    control-freak fascists now?

    Those who seek positions of power almost always do so because
    they're already narcissistic control freaks, who just can't wait to
    dominate and control their fellow man. Who else would want the job
    of bossing everyone around? But let's pretend that a good person,
    with good intentions, ran for Congress, and won. What would happen?

    Politicians get a lot of attention, a lot of money, a lot of fame,
    a lot respect, and so on. They get called the "honorable" so-and-
    so, and are treated like royalty. All of that can obviously make
    someone conceited and self-centered, just as rock stars and movie
    stars get that way. But why should it turn people into fascists?
    Well, consider what the job of a politician entails. He and his
    fellow politicians enact "laws," which are then forcibly imposed
    upon the rest of us by armed mercenaries known as "law
    enforcement." For all of their posturing, pontificating and
    propagandizing, ultimately that's all that politicians do: threaten
    and control people. That's their "job"--insane, evil, and horribly
    destructive as it is. All of the attention they get, the money they
    get, the power they get, comes from exercising their (imagined)
    "authority" to control their fellow man, via the "political"
    system. So how should we expect them to act when someone advocates
    real freedom?

    The reason fascists like Santorum and Gingrich (and Obama, for that
    matter) have such tantrums against people who actually want freedom-
    - -calling them indecent, extreme, dangerous, traitorous, fringe,
    absurd, and so on--is because the underlying message to
    politicians, from those who want freedom, is: "We don't need you
    and we don't want you; go away and leave us alone." It's no more
    complicated than that. Most of the time it has nothing to do with
    principles, or actual philosophy. Fascists like Santorum and
    Gingrich want perpetual war-mongering, the "war on drugs," and the
    rest of their megalomaniacal agendas, because, in their minds, it
    makes them important. They have to exert violent control over their
    fellow man (via "government") or they become irrelevant, impotent
    nothings. What would be the point of acquiring power, and then
    doing nothing with it? What great historical "leader" ever said,
    "Hey everybody, do whatever you want, and I won't interfere"?

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    • I have never said that any of the others would do a better job. I said that the owners of this country would not let Ron Paul be elected. They want one of their own that they can control. That puts Romney at the head of their list. Romney is to the left of Obama but they prefer him. Romney started compulsory healthcare before Obama.

    • There is nothing in Socialism that allows the takeover of anoths assets. Socialism allows workers to unite without the fear of corporate goons, militia or police. Workers are able to share in their production. Those who produce reap the rewards. Socialism is working in many northern European countries. Capitalism can exist in a socialistic society. It has always been the capitalists who used force against the Socialists.

    • Socialism won't work unless the people are willing to allow illegitimate but successful claims against their assets by those that otherwise wouldn't have successful claims.

    • No, I do not have a chip on my shoulder. I just happen to be smart enought to know that RP will never get elected president. I have also traveled the country and seen people hungry while the rich, who never worked, had plenty. I have also taken companies public on Wall St and seen the scams they use. I have also heard the many lies of the capitalists equating socialism with communism in order to turn people against socialism. I merely try to educate even though I know it is useless with the greedy.

    • Perhaps, but that which I found said otherwise. Moreover, when officer material is taken into the military, don't they call that "enlistment" too?

      You've got a huge chip on your shoulder don't you?

    • -----Please read:

      No one has questioned RP service. It is his veracity that is questioned. Those of you who believe that RP walks on water would be disappointed. He is a politician. He is a also a not-so-compassionate conservative.-----

      Your definition of a "not-so-compassionate" is ??? One who does not believe in handing out someone's hard earned money to the lazy masses who think the government owes them something? All government handouts, including welfare, unemployment checks etc. should be stopped. Unemployment checks take away the incentives to look for a job. If you lose your job and you don't have funds stashed away for a rainy day that is your problem. Should have saved instead of buying that house you couldn't afford, the new car you got to impress the neighbors and the 52 inch flat panel TV you could not afford. The only people who should be taken care of by the government are the mentally and/or physically impaired. For them, I gladly open my wallet, everyone else get a job. I am retired but if I want a job, I can get one tomorrow without any problems. It may not pay much and it may be an undesirable job, but it will put food on the table. The best motivation to get a job is hunger. I am tired of supporting all the parasites.

    • Please read:

      No one has questioned RP service. It is his veracity that is questioned. Those of you who believe that RP walks on water would be disappointed. He is a politician. He is a also a not-so-compassionate conservative.

    • ---I checked around and found that he chose to join the Air Force as a doctor rather than the Army as an enlisted man. Nevertheless he still served, not shirking anything and using the education he had worked to achieve. You find fault with that?----

      Hey, bright boy. As a physician, he would have been a doctor in the Army, too, as a commissioned officer with the starting rank of captain. Enlisted status is, with very few exceptions, for non-college graduates.

    • I was drafted in 1967.
      at the federal building in mpls. before and after taking
      the oath many recruiters were taking enlistments for skilled
      they had plenty of 18 yr olds for cannon fodder.
      a little less than 25% of that days group went
      to the marines. as drafted not enlisted.

    • "We have learned by sad experience that it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion. Hence many are called but few are chosen."

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